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What Millennial Homeowners Want from Cleaners

March 4, 2024

What Millennial Homeowners Want from Cleaners


As a millennial who recently purchased my first home, I have given a lot of thought into what I want from a cleaning service. My generation grew up with technology and we tend to value efficiency, transparency, and companies that align with our values. When hiring a cleaning service, there are several key factors I look for as a millennial homeowner.

Flexible and Customizable Service

One of the top things I look for is flexibility and customization. Every homeowner’s needs are different, and as a millennial I appreciate having options. Here are some ways cleaners can provide flexibility:

Offer Different Service Levels

  • Light clean vs deep clean
  • Frequency of visits – weekly, biweekly, monthly
  • Ability to easily pause or cancel service

Let Customers Pick and Choose Tasks

  • Don’t force set packages, allow a la carte options
  • Offer add-ons like refrigerator cleaning, window washing, etc.

Work With Homeowner’s Schedule

  • Provide wide availability for appointments
  • Accommodate schedule changes and last-minute requests

Clean Only Certain Rooms/Areas

  • Allow focusing on high traffic spaces like kitchens
  • Clean just bedrooms before having guests over

Transparent Pricing and Billing

Transparency is very important to me as a millennial. I want to know exactly what I’m paying for without any hidden fees. Things I look for:

Upfront Pricing

  • List prices clearly on website
  • Provide quotes rather than estimates

Fixed Rates

  • No surprise add-on charges after a cleaning
  • Any extras pre-approved by homeowner

Online Booking and Billing

  • Ability to book and pay online
  • Send digital receipts and invoices

No Long-Term Contracts

  • Offer month-to-month plans
  • No penalties for pausing or cancelling

Use of Technology

Being able to leverage technology is a big perk for tech-savvy millennials. Ways cleaners can utilize tech:

Online Booking and Payments

  • Take bookings and accept payments through website
  • Send text reminders and notifications

Provide Updates After Visits

  • Email a basic checklist of tasks completed
  • Send photos of cleaned rooms

Enable Secure Home Access

  • Integrate smart locks so cleaners can access house
  • Provide combo codes or digital keys

Offer Related Home Services

  • Partner with other providers like pet sitters
  • Arrange services like grocery delivery

Shared Values and Green Products

Millennials tend to care about social responsibility and having values in alignment with companies they hire. Things I look for:

Eco-Friendly Supplies

  • Use green certified and non-toxic products
  • Avoid chemicals that are harsh on pets

Fair Labor Practices

  • Pay cleaners a living wage
  • Provide healthcare and other benefits

Give Back to Community

  • Donate a portion of proceeds to local charities
  • Participate in community service projects

Respond to Feedback

  • Provide channels for reviews and suggestions
  • Continuously improve based on homeowner needs

The Millennial Difference

As a millennial homeowner, I have unique priorities compared to previous generations when hiring cleaning services. Flexibility, transparency, technology, and shared values are all major factors in my decision making. Companies that understand these millennial preferences will have an edge. While good cleaning is the foundation, catering to my generation’s needs makes for a five-star experience.

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