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Vinegar and Essential Oils Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

May 25, 2024

Vinegar and Essential Oils Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

Vinegar: The Mighty Multipurpose Cleaning Powerhouse

When it comes to cleaning the home, vinegar is a mighty force to have at your disposal. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal, vinegar is a perfectly safe, natural and eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner. In fact, it’s comparable to most commercial cleansers. When diluted with water, it can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, chrome, glass, and more.

However, due to its acidity, vinegar is not recommended for use on marble or granite, as it can dull and etch the stone. But for the rest of your home, vinegar is a cleaning superhero. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with creating my own homemade vinegar-based cleaners, like this Lavender Vinegar Multipurpose Cleaner.

The Lavender and Vinegar Dynamic Duo

I started exploring the possibility of cleaning with vinegar because I wanted a non-toxic cleanser for my young son to use. At the ripe age of three, it’s the perfect time for him to learn how to participate in simple household chores – fixing his bed, setting the table, wiping the table clean after meals, and so on. We made this vinegar solution together, and since then, he’s been quite excited to have a chance to spray and wipe tables clean.

I’ve been experimenting with lavender-infused vinegar because both work well together to help disinfect the home. Not only does the lavender help quell the smell of vinegar, but it is also anti-bacterial and is a cleansing herb that leaves behind a subtle fragrance after the vinegar evaporates.

Now, I’ll admit, I’ve never been one who enjoys the scent of lavender. I love the look of it and adore the photos of fields of lavender in the South of France, but the scent? Non merci! To my chagrin, my son seems to love the scent of lavender. When given the opportunity to choose a scent of hand soap, he invariably chooses lavender. Sigh.

However, I must say, the scent has now seemed to have grown on me a bit, especially when combined with another scent. For example, the other day I came across a Geranium Lavender candle. When I took a whiff of it, I was surprised that I didn’t find the scent of lavender offensive. The geranium helped tone it down, and the scent was actually pleasant. That gave me the idea to mix geranium and lavender essential oils in my multipurpose cleanser. I also like the combination of lemon and lavender in vinegar. I’m sure there are other scents to explore and appreciate. I’d love to try jasmine, one of my favorite floral scents, if I can find the essential oil.

Creating the Lavender Vinegar Multipurpose Cleaner

There are several ways to make lavender-infused vinegar. The simplest and fastest way is to combine a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water, then add 30-40 drops of lavender essential oil to the solution. Put it in a spray bottle and use it almost anywhere.

Another way to make lavender vinegar is to infuse vinegar with lavender buds. Combine 1/2 cup dried lavender (or 1 cup fresh) with a cup of distilled white vinegar. Store it in a sealed jar and allow the vinegar to infuse for up to three weeks, shaking it occasionally. The vinegar will turn rose in color. When the mixture is ready, strain it before putting it in a spray bottle.

Feel free to experiment with different essential oils or try combining oils to come up with complementary scents. The possibilities are endless!

Why Homemade Cleaners are Better

All the chemicals in cleaning products make me a bit nervous, especially with a little one around. I thought the scent of vinegar would gross me out, but it’s not that bad. Diluting it with water and adding the essential oils help a lot. Plus, homemade cleaners from Adam Cleaning are better for the environment and your health.

Cleaning with chemicals always makes me feel sick (and grumpy!) – even the more natural stuff I buy. But with this Lavender Vinegar Multipurpose Cleaner, I can feel good about the products I’m using in my home. It’s a win-win for me and my family.

So, if you’re looking for an effective, eco-friendly, and kid-friendly glass cleaner, give this Lavender Vinegar solution a try. Not only will it leave your windows sparkling, but it’ll also fill your home with a refreshingly clean aroma. Cheers to a cleaner, greener, and happier home!

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