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Transforming Cluttered Homes to Organized

March 4, 2024

Transforming Cluttered Homes to Organized

Having a cluttered and disorganized home can be stressful and make it difficult to find things. However, with some time and effort, it is possible to transform a cluttered home into an organized one. Here are some tips to help get started:

Assess the Clutter

The first step is to take stock of the clutter and identify problem areas. Walk through each room and note where clutter has accumulated – counter tops, table surfaces, floors, closets etc. Also pay attention to hidden clutter hotspots like junk drawers, storage spaces, and garages.

Once I have identified the cluttered areas, I sort through each space methodically. I put items into categories:

  • Keep – items I use regularly or have emotional value
  • Toss – broken, unused or unneeded items
  • Donate – gently used items I no longer need
  • Repurpose – items that could be used in another way
  • Relocate – items that belong in another room

This process helps me decide what to keep and what to remove. It also shows me where organizational systems could help.

Set Up Organizational Systems

Now it’s time to set up systems to organize the items I am keeping. Here are some ideas:


  • Coat racks and cubbies to store shoes, bags, coats
  • Mail sorter to handle bills, junk mail, etc
  • Key hooks by the door


  • Spice racks and ** Lazy Susans** to arrange food items
  • Deep drawers for pots, pans and lids
  • Tiered shelves for easy access to appliances


  • Dressers with dividers to separate and contain clothes/accessories
  • Shelf units or floating shelves for displaying keepsakes
  • Underbed storage for extra linens and out of season clothes

Home Office

  • File sorters for paperwork
  • Desk organizers for pens, supplies
  • Wall-mounted shelves for books and decor

Labeling storage spaces clearly is important so I know exactly where to find and return items.

Establish Home for Everything

Now it’s time to put everything in its proper home. I return items I am keeping to their new organized spaces. Any items without a home get designated storage spots.

Some general tips:

  • Store items near where they will be used
  • Group like items together
  • Use storage that fits the space and items being stored
  • Store less used items up and out of the way
  • Ensure storage is accessible (not too high/low)

Maintain the System

The last step is developing new habits to maintain organization. Daily and weekly home maintenance is key.

  • Tidy up each evening – put items back in their homes
  • Regularly purge unused items – be ruthless about clutter
  • Clean as you go – don’t let messes pile up
  • Schedule deep cleans for thorough maintenance

It also helps to simplify and minimize belongings. I aim to bring less unnecessary items into my home and find multipurpose organizing solutions.

Enjoy the Decluttered Home

With consistent effort, I can transform a cluttered home into a serene, organized space. The benefits are immense – reduced stress,easy retrieval of items, and a home environment I feel peaceful and motivated in.

While organizing takes work, remind myself it is an act of self-care. I deserve to live and thrive in a home that supports my goals and activities. By taking control of my space, I take control of my mindset.

The journey may be long, but the destination is worthwhile. Each small organizing win builds momentum. Before I know it, I have built the foundation for a clutter-free lifestyle. With some dedication, anyone can transform clutter to calm.

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