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The Secret to Keeping Your Home Clean All Week

March 5, 2024

The Secret to Keeping Your Home Clean All Week


Keeping a clean home all week long can feel like an impossible task. As soon as you finish cleaning one room, another area seems to get dirty again. But having a clean and tidy home is so important for your mental health and wellbeing. So how can you keep your home clean all week long without having to constantly scrub and tidy? The secret is all about creating simple habits, routines and systems that make cleaning easier and more manageable.

Be Realistic In Your Expectations

The first step is to set realistic expectations about how clean your home can be with your lifestyle. Having young kids or pets means your home may never be immaculate. Aim for habitable, not perfect. Focus on keeping the home hygienic and removing clutter, rather than making everything spotlessly clean. Remember, a lived-in home is a happy home.

Focus On The Most Important Areas

Rather than trying to deep clean your whole home every week, focus on prioritizing the most important areas like:

  • Kitchen – wipe counters, sinks, appliances daily
  • Bathrooms – clean toilet, shower, sinks as needed
  • Floors – vacuum, mop high traffic areas
  • Bedrooms – make beds daily, put away clutter

Spending 10-15 minutes per day on these key zones can help maintain tidiness.

Create A Manageable Cleaning Schedule

Trying to clean everything in one day is ineffective and overwhelming. Create a manageable cleaning schedule that splits tasks room by room. For example:

  • Monday: Bathrooms
  • Tuesday: Kitchen
  • Wednesday: Bedrooms
  • Thursday: Living Spaces
  • Friday: Floors

Sticking to this routine makes it easier to maintain cleanliness. I also schedule tidying tasks like:

  • Laundry
  • Changing sheets
  • Decluttering

Integrating these small tasks into my week prevents mess buildup.

Take Advantage Of Natural Cleaning Time

Look for opportunities to clean as part of your existing routine. For instance:

  • Clean kitchen surfaces while waiting for coffee.
  • Wipe bathroom mirrors after showering.
  • Remove clutter from an area after spending time there.

Leveraging these natural cleaning moments means I don’t have to find extra time.

Get The Whole Family Involved

Cleaning is so much easier when everyone contributes. Have a family meeting and make a cleaning chart with each person’s tasks. Rotate chores so no one feels overburdened. Set reminders to complete their cleaning assignment for the week. Encourage kids by explaining how their efforts contribute to the household.

Take It One Step At A Time

When faced with a messy home, don’t try to do everything at once! This gets overwhelming fast. Focus on one small area like the kitchen table. Return it to order before moving to another spot. Seeing progress one step at a time keeps you motivated without burnout.

Be Consistent

Cleaning only when things get really messy means you may end up deep cleaning the whole house in one day. But for sustained cleanliness, consistency is key. Stick to your routine and schedule. Designate tasks for each day of the week and complete them regardless. This regular effort prevents big messes.

Keeping a clean home all week is achievable when you use these habits and systems. Focus on high priority areas, create a schedule, utilize natural cleaning opportunities, get help from family, take it step by step, and remain consistent. With this simple but structured approach, you can maintain tidiness all week long.

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