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The Complete Spring Cleaning Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide

March 3, 2024
The Complete Spring Cleaning Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Why Spring Clean Your Home?

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. As the weather warms, I feel motivated to declutter, clean, and organize my home. A thorough spring cleaning helps create a fresh, tidy environment and can also improve my mood and outlook. There are several benefits to doing a deep clean each spring:

  • Removes allergens and dust: Thorough cleaning removes pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens that have built up over the winter. This helps prevent allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • Deep cleans surfaces: Spring cleaning allows me to clean the nooks, corners, walls, ceilings, and surfaces that I don’t regularly get to during my weekly tidying. This removes sticky grime buildup.

  • Organizes clutter: I can declutter overflowing closets, junk drawers, pantries, and other cluttered spaces that have gotten out of control over the past year. Tossing or donating unused items helps create calm.

  • Disinfects germs: Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas like light switches, doorknobs,remote controls, electronics, and countertops helps kill germs and bacteria. This improves my family’s health.

  • Brightens mood: For me, a clean and organized home creates a peaceful environment and improves my mental health. Tidying and decluttering can be therapeutic.

When to Start Spring Cleaning

I like to start my thorough spring cleaning as soon as the weather begins to warm up, around late March or April. This allows me to open up windows to air out my home and wash curtains, bedding, and rugs before storing them for the summer. Here are the optimal times to tackle key spring cleaning tasks:

  • March: Wash walls, windows, window treatments, light fixtures, fans, furnace filters, and baseboards since they’re dust collectors. Flip and rotate mattresses. Clean out the garage and closets.

  • April: Deep clean the kitchen by washing out the pantry, fridge, cabinets, drawers, and appliances. Clean carpets and rugs. Organize the backyard and porch.

  • May: Declutter papers and files that accumulated over tax season. Clean out the bathroom vanities, drawers, cabinets, and linen closet. Plant flowers.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Tackling everything at once can feel overwhelming. Breaking it down into discrete tasks makes spring cleaning much more manageable. Here is a detailed checklist I use to keep myself on track:

Deep Clean the Kitchen

  • Clean inside microwave, oven, fridge, dishwasher, and sink
  • Wash out pantry and discard expired items
  • Donate unused kitchen items
  • Purge Tupperware with missing lids
  • Clean cabinets, drawers, and countertops
  • Shine stainless steel appliances
  • Descale coffee maker
  • Wash curtains, towels, and rags

Declutter and Organize

  • Closets: Toss or donate unused clothing and organize by type and season
  • Junk drawers: Remove everything, purge what I don’t need, neaten and sort contents
  • Garage: Sweep out dirt and cobwebs, organize tools and sports/camping gear
  • Kid’s toys: Sort through and donate toys they’ve outgrown
  • Papers and files: Shred old documents and digitize what I need to keep

Thoroughly Clean the Bathrooms

  • Scrub showers, tubs, sinks, mirrors, and counters
  • Clean inside toilets and underneath rim
  • Wipe down exterior of toilet and pipes
  • Toss expired medicines and empty containers
  • Organize cabinets and drawers
  • Wash all towels, rugs, and shower curtains

Dust and Disinfect the Whole House

  • Vacuum under furniture and along baseboards
  • Clean ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures, lamp shades
  • Dust shelves, wall hangings, curtains, and blinds
  • Disinfect doorknobs, switches, electronics, and remote controls
  • Wipe down walls
  • Mop hard floors
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs
  • Wash bedding and pillows

Freshen Up Outdoors

  • Sweep debris off porches, decks, and sidewalks
  • Clear out cobwebs around exterior doors and windows
  • Wash outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas
  • Prep garden beds and pull weeds
  • Power wash siding and outdoor surfaces
  • Touch up paint on fences, railings, shutters, and trim

Spring Cleaning Room-by-Room Guide

Here is a more detailed game plan for spring cleaning each room:


  • Empty fridge and pantry and wipe down shelves
  • Clean stove burners, dials, and underneath stove top
  • Descale and disinfect coffee maker and water kettle
  • Wipe down fronts of cabinets and drawers
  • Use degreaser spray on kitchen walls, vents, and backsplashes
  • Shine up stainless steel appliances like fridge and oven
  • Scrub microwave interior and exterior
  • Wash curtain panels in laundry or by hand


  • Scrub shower walls, tiles, tracks, tub, and sinks with multi-surface cleaner
  • Clean inside toilet bowl and under toilet rim
  • Wipe down exterior of toilet, lid, seat, tank, pipes and vanity
  • Wash bathroom rugs, towels, shower curtain liner, and bath mats
  • Toss expired medicines and empty bottles
  • Organize cabinets and drawers, throwing away old products


  • Vacuum mattresses and box spring then flip/rotate
  • Wash all bedding, duvet covers, pillows and shams
  • Dust ceiling fans, lamp shades, baseboards, and windowsills
  • Wipe down walls, doorframes, and vents
  • Clean out closets: Donate old clothing and organize
  • Dust furniture tops and electronics like TVs

Living Spaces

  • Vacuum under cushions and furniture
  • Clean ceiling fans, vents, blinds, windows, and baseboards
  • Use lint roller on furniture and curtains
  • Dust shelves, wall hangings, lamps, electronics
  • Wipe down walls, trim, and doorframes
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs or hire professional carpet cleaning

Bonus Areas

  • Sweep out the garage, then organize tools/sports equipment
  • Hose down outdoor furniture and prep yard for warmer weather
  • Clean interior of cars: Vacuum, wipe down, and remove clutter
  • Purge kids’ toys: Donate old ones and organize closets
  • Shred/digitize old tax documents and purge paper files

Be Kind to Yourself

Spring cleaning is a major undertaking. Don’t let the laundry list of tasks cause anxiety. I’ve learned not to put pressure on myself to get everything done in a single weekend. Break it down into manageable pieces over time. Most importantly, listen to your body and rest when needed. A clean home contributes to your well-being, but your self-care comes first. With a flexible plan and realistic expectations, you can transform your home this spring!

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