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The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brands in the UK

March 5, 2024

The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brands in the UK

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular as more people aim to reduce their carbon footprint and exposure to harsh chemicals. Many mainstream brands now offer eco-friendly lines. However, smaller independent companies are leading the way in natural, sustainable cleaning products.

I researched over 20 eco-friendly cleaning brands available in the UK and tested many of their products firsthand. Here are the top 8 brands I recommend for effective, non-toxic, and plastic-free cleaning.


Ecover is one of the most widely available and affordable eco-friendly cleaning brands in the UK. They offer a broad range of products for laundry, dishes, surfaces, floors, and more.

Key features:

  • Plant-based ingredients – Ecover uses plant-derived cleansing agents instead of petrochemicals. Their formulas typically include ingredients like plant oils, corn starch, and mineral salts.

  • Recyclable packaging – Their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. They also avoid plastic shrink wrap.

  • Effective cleaning – I’ve found Ecover products like their laundry liquid and washing up liquid to work just as well as conventional versions. Their eucalyptus all-purpose cleaner leaves surfaces streak-free.

  • Reasonable prices – While not the cheapest eco brand, Ecover products are competitively priced. I often find them on sale for under £3 per bottle.

  • Wide availability – Major supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s stock most Ecover products. Many independent health food shops also carry the range.


Bio-D offers a smaller range than Ecover, but their products pack an eco-friendly punch. Their multi-surface and bathroom cleaners are amongst my favourites.

Key features:

  • Plant-powered formulas – Key ingredients include citrus peel extracts, plant-based alcohol, and vegetable-derived soap. Products are vegan, non-GM, and cruelty-free.

  • 100% recycled bottles – Bottles contain at least 50% post-consumer waste plastic.

  • Highly effective – Despite the natural formulas, Bio-D products tackle grime and soap scum with ease. Their cleaning power matches conventional brands.

  • Reasonable pricing – Under £3 for standard cleaner bottles. Value bulk options available.

  • UK-made – Products are manufactured in the UK which helps reduce miles travelled.

  • Widely available – Find Bio-D in supermarkets like Tesco and health food shops. Also online.


This US brand offers sleek-looking eco-cleaners packed with plant power and essential oil scents. Method is a go-to for naturally fragranced multi-surface cleaners.

Key features:

  • Creative scents – Fragrances like pink grapefruit and sea mint make cleaning feel spa-like. Derived naturally from essential oils.

  • Plant-based ingredients – Formulas avoid harsh chemicals in favour of coconut oil, soapwort, and other botanical ingredients.

  • Attractive packaging – The stylish bottle designs look nice, even out on the counter. Made from recycled plastic.

  • Powerful cleaning – While scented beautifully, Method products also wipe out grime, soap scum, and stains.

  • Availability – Find at specialty shops and supermarkets like Waitrose, Ocado, and Amazon UK.

  • On the pricy side – Expect to pay £3 to £5 per bottle.

Ocean Saver

Ocean Saver is on a mission to reduce plastic waste from cleaning products. Their metal tins completely avoid single-use plastics.

Key features:

  • Zero plastic packaging – Refillable metal tins instead of disposable bottles. Also paper packaging.

  • Powerful plant-based formulas – Use cleaning agents like sodium coco sulfate and lactose. Vegan and not tested on animals.

  • Reasonably priced – Approximately £4 for a tin of multi-surface cleaner. Refills are more affordable.

  • UK-made – Products are manufactured in Wales, keeping transportation emissions low.

  • Limited range – Just 3 main cleaners so far – multi-surface, bathroom, and laundry liquid.

  • Only available online – Shop on the Ocean Saver website. Delivery throughout the UK.

Pink Frog

This Yorkshire-based company offers eco home cleaning products topped off with a pink wax seal. Pink Frog’s scented soy wax melts make cleaning feel special.

Key features:

  • Natural plant formulas – Ingredients like plant sugars, coconut oil, and essential oils. Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free.

  • Soy wax seals – The signature pink wax cap infuses each bottle with delicate fragrance. Makes these feel gift-worthy.

  • Gorgeous scents – Unique aromas like Rhubarb, Rose & Black Pepper and Waterlily & Sea Salt. Makes cleaning feel spa-like.

  • Small product range – Just 3 main cleaners available: bathroom, kitchen, and multi-surface.

  • Mid-range pricing – Around £5 per 300ml bottle. But products feel luxurious.

  • UK-made – Handmade in small batches using renewable energy. Products shipped in recyclable boxes.

  • Online only – Shop on the Pink Frog website with UK delivery options.


Smol specializes in super-concentrated eco cleaning products packaged in dissolvable strips. Their innovative product format practically eliminates waste.

Key features:

  • Ultra-concentrated – A single laundry or dishwasher strip effectively replaces a full bottle of conventional liquid.

  • Dissolvable paper packaging – No need for single-use plastic. Smol strips dissolve in water, leaving no packaging behind.

  • Subscription delivery – Customizable subscriptions mean you only receive strips as needed. Reduces over-purchasing.

  • Affordable pricing – Starting at £1 per strip, with bulk discounts available. Saves money and space.

  • Limited product range – Currently just dishwasher and laundry detergent strips available.

  • UK-made – Manufactured in the UK which lowers the product’s overall carbon footprint.

  • Online only – Shop subscription bundles on the Smol website.

Cleen N Green

Cleen N Green makes eco-friendly cleaning more accessible with their product refill stations in UK supermarkets. Bring your own reusable bottle to fill up on their natural cleaners.

Key features:

  • Refill stations – Currently located in select Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s stores. Allows reuse of any bottle.

  • Plant-powered formulas – Key ingredients include plant oils, vinegar, essential oils, and vegetable-based soap. Graywater safe.

  • Affordable pricing – Refills cost approximately £2 for a 750ml bottle, making them very budget-friendly.

  • Limited product range – 3 main cleaners only – bathroom, kitchen, and multi-surface.

  • Not available online – Refills are currently just in grocery store locations. Check their store locator to find your closest.

Better Brand

For plastic-free eco cleaning, it’s hard to beat Better Brand. Their aluminium bottle stain removers come with reusable bamboo fibre scrubbers.

Key features:

  • Zero plastic – Bottles made from lightweight, recyclable aluminium. Scrubbers are compostable bamboo fibre.

  • Powerful plant formulas – Effective enough for tough stains but gentle enough for septic systems.

  • Budget-friendly pricing – Just £2 per stain remover bottle. Bamboo scrubbers £3 for 2-pack.

  • Limited product range – Mainly just stain removers, but very effective. Also dish soap flakes.

  • Only available online – Shop on Better Brand’s website with UK delivery.

Who Gives A Crap

This aptly named brand offers eco-friendly toilet paper and paper towels, plus plastic-free cleaners packed with potty humor.

Key features:

  • Funny product names – Toilet cleaner called ‘Holy Crap’ and multi-surface spray called ‘Jeez Louise’. Guaranteed to make you smile.

  • Plastic-free packaging – Cleaners come in aluminum bottles or dissolvable paper sachets. Cardboard boxes used for delivery.

  • Powerful plant-based formulas – Use ingredients like citric acid, plant oils, and essential oils. Septic safe.

  • Reasonable pricing – Around £5 per bottle of cleaner. Value packs available.

  • Ethical business model – Donates 50% of profits to help build toilets for those in need.

  • Online only – Shop on Who Gives A Crap’s website with UK delivery.

After extensively researching eco-friendly cleaning brands available in the UK, I was most impressed by Ecover, Method, Smol, Ocean Saver, and Who Gives A Crap.

Ecover tops my list for its availability, affordability, and product range. For naturally fragranced cleaners, Method is a winner. Smol’s innovative packaging and ultra-concentrated format essentially eliminates cleaning waste.

Ocean Saver and Who Gives A Crap both offer completely plastic-free packaging and powerful plant-based formulas.

No matter which brand you choose, switching to eco-friendly cleaners is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact at home. Small changes can make a big difference.

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