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Steam Cleaning Furniture and Carpets for a Sanitized Home

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Steam Cleaning Furniture and Carpets for a Sanitized Home


As a homeowner, keeping my home clean and sanitized is a top priority. Carpets and upholstered furniture easily accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, and odors over time. Regular vacuuming helps remove some surface dirt, but does not effectively clean down into the fibers. Steam cleaning has become my preferred method for deep cleaning carpets and furniture to remove embedded dirt and bacteria for a fresh, sanitized home.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses extremely hot, pressurized vapor to penetrate into fabrics and lift away soils and contaminants. Here are some key benefits of steam cleaning for home use:

  • Thorough cleaning: The hot steam can penetrate deep down into carpets and upholstery to sanitize and remove allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and odors that vacuuming alone often misses.

  • Chemical-free: Steam cleaning uses only water with no harsh detergents or cleaning solutions. This makes it a great choice for homes with kids or pets and for people with chemical sensitivities.

  • Quick drying: Steam-cleaned surfaces dry within just a few hours, so there is minimal downtime or disruption to your home.

  • Environmentally friendly: Steam cleaning does not require any messy buckets of water or cleaning solutions, so there is less wastewater runoff.

Preparing for Steam Cleaning

To get the best results from steam cleaning, there are a few steps I take to prepare my home:

  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris first. This allows the steam to focus on embedded soils.

  • Remove furniture obstructions and clear floors and upholstery that will be steam cleaned.

  • Check carpet manufacturer instructions to ensure steam cleaning is approved and will not void warranties.

  • Test an inconspicuous area with the steam before tackling the entire surface. Check for colorfastness or shrinkage.

  • Ensure adequate ventilation by opening windows or using fans where needed. This allows surfaces to dry quickly after steaming.

How to Steam Clean Carpeting

Here is my step-by-step process for effectively steam cleaning carpets:

Supplies Needed

  • Steam cleaner with attachments for floors
  • Microfiber pads or cloths
  • Distilled water (to prevent mineral buildup in steamer)


  1. Fill steam cleaner reservoir with distilled water per manufacturer instructions.

  2. Attach a microfiber pad or cloth to the floor steam head using clamps.

  3. Plug in steamer and allow to pre-heat on the highest steam setting.

  4. Start at the farthest corner of the room away from the door and work backwards to avoid walking on wet carpet.

  5. Pass steamer slowly over carpeting, overlapping passes to cover all areas.

  6. Lift attachment regularly to avoid over-wetting carpet. Replace pad as needed.

  7. Allow carpet to dry completely before walking on it. Place fans to accelerate drying.

  8. Fluff carpet pile with a broom or carpet rake when fully dry. Vacuum again once dry.

Steaming Upholstered Furniture

It’s equally important to steam clean upholstered furniture, which harbors dust mites, pet dander, and odors. Here is my process:

Supplies Needed

  • Steam cleaner with attachments for upholstery
  • Microfiber cloths


  1. Vacuum furniture thoroughly and check care instructions.

  2. Attach microfiber cloth to small upholstery attachment.

  3. Work steamer over fabric, overlapping slowly. Focus on creases and seams.

  4. Lift attachment regularly to avoid over-wetting. Replace cloths as needed.

  5. Allow to fully air dry before using furniture again.

Safety Tips for Steam Cleaning

Steam can cause burns, so follow these precautions:

  • Keep children and pets away during use.

  • Allow steamer to cool before refilling with water.

  • Take care on slippery floors.

  • Wear closed-toe shoes and gloves for protection.

  • Check furniture for damage after steaming.

Achieve a Sanitized Home with Steam Cleaning

Overall, steam cleaning is a highly effective cleaning method that removes deep-down dirt for a fresher, healthier home. By tackling carpets and upholstery with a steam cleaner regularly, I can rest assured knowing my home is sanitized for my family. While it takes some time and effort, the results are well worth it.

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