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Spring Cleaning the Laundry Room from Top to Bottom

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Spring Cleaning the Laundry Room from Top to Bottom

Assess the Laundry Room

Before beginning my spring cleaning, I take a moment to assess the laundry room from top to bottom. I look at the walls and ceiling for any dust, cobwebs, or stains that may have accumulated over the winter. I check the ventilation and make sure the dryer vent hose is clear of lint buildup.

I examine the shelving and storage areas to see what needs to be cleaned out or reorganized. Any clutter on the shelves or floor gets noted so I can properly tackle it later.

Finally, I do a quick test run of the washer and dryer to ensure they are functioning properly before the deep cleaning begins. This initial survey of the space gives me a plan of attack for this project.

Clean Walls, Ceilings, and Vents

With my assessment complete, I start from the top by cleaning the walls and ceiling. I use a microfiber duster on a long handle to reach the corners and edges. This picks up all the spider webs and dust bunnies that have accumulated over the past few months.

Next, I lightly scrub the walls with a multi-surface cleaner and sponge to remove any grimy residue. For painted walls, I use a gentle cleaner that won’t dull the finish. On tile walls, I use a stronger cleaner and really scrub away soap scum and hard water stains.

To finish the upper areas, I clean the vents and dryer vent hose. Lint can easily build up here, increasing the risk of fire and reducing airflow. I use a vent brush to clean out the dryer vent and a small vacuum hose attachment for the wall vents. Proper ventilation is key for an efficiently operating laundry room.

Deep Clean the Machines

Now for the big task – deep cleaning the washer and dryer. I start by wiping down the exterior of each machine using a multi-surface cleaner. I pay close attention to the control panel, lid, and door where dirt and residue accumulate.

For the interiors, I follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For the washer, I run an empty hot cycle with either vinegar or bleach to sanitize and remove built-up soap scum.

For the dryer, I remove the lint trap and use the hose attachment on my vacuum to suck out any debris in the trap compartment and vent tube. I use a lint remover brush to clean the interior drum and around the seal.

Doing a thorough deep clean of the machines helps remove odors and keeps them functioning efficiently for brighter, cleaner laundry.

Scrub Surfaces and Organize Storage

The last big task is to scrub all the surfaces and organize storage areas. I clear everything off the counters, shelving, and floor. I sweep and mop the floor before using a multi-surface cleaner on the solid surfaces. For stainless steel elements, I use a special steel cleaner and cloth to leave a nice shine.

For the storage areas, I discard or donate any unused items. Then I neatly arrange the laundry care products, spare towels and sheets, cleaning supplies, etc. Making sure everything has a designated spot helps keep the laundry room organized moving forward.

Finish Up with Extra Touches

To complete my spring laundry room deep clean, I add some finishing touches. I might add some air fresheners or essential oils to leave a light, fresh scent. If needed, this is a good time to patch holes, touch up paint, or apply new caulk around sinks, counters, and fixtures.

I also clean the light fixtures and ceiling fan to brighten up the room. Finally, I replace any burnt out lightbulbs. My laundry room is now sparkling clean and ready for brightening clothes this spring and summer!

Maintain the Laundry Room

Maintaining that fresh, clean laundry room beyond spring cleaning is easy with some simple habits:

  • Wipe down exterior machine surfaces as needed
  • Check and empty lint trap after each dryer use
  • Sweep and mop floor regularly
  • Re-organize storage when things get cluttered
  • Do a deep clean of machines and vents twice a year

With regular upkeep, the laundry room will stay tidy and functioning properly season after season. A few minutes a week goes a long way. Happy washing!

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