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Spring Clean Your Home Top to Bottom

March 3, 2024
Spring Clean Your Home Top to Bottom

Spring is here, which means it’s time to do some deep cleaning around the house! As tempting as it is to focus on just the visible areas, a thorough spring clean should include everything from top to bottom. Here are some tips to help you tackle the job.

Make a Plan

Before I start cleaning, I make a room-by-room plan to stay organized. I assign each room a day or two so I don’t feel overwhelmed taking on the entire house at once. I gather all the cleaning tools and supplies I’ll need for each area ahead of time. Having a plan keeps me focused and makes the process go smoother.

Start at the Top

When I clean a room, I literally start at the top – dusting ceiling fans, light fixtures, tops of door frames and shelving first. Dust and cobwebs tend to accumulate in these high spots but get ignored. By dusting high to low, I avoid just pushing dust around. I use microfiber cloths and extendable dusters to easily reach the tops of tall bookcases and cabinets without climbing a ladder.

Clean Windows and Walls

Next, I thoroughly clean the windows, window sills, baseboards and walls since they collect a lot of dirt and scuffs. I use a multi-surface cleaner and microfiber cloths to clean windows streak-free. For baseboards, I spray cleaner directly onto them then wipe with a cloth. Wall scuffs around light switches come clean with some magic eraser sponges. These steps really help freshen up a room.

Deep Clean Floors

With the tops, windows and walls clean, I focus on the floors next. I vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly – under beds and furniture too. Hard floors get mopped with a deep cleaning floor cleaner. Twice a year, I use my steam mop on tile floors to sanitize grout lines and remove built-up grime. Don’t forget floor vents and those dusty basement floors and stairs!

Scrub the Bathrooms

The bathrooms in my home probably need the deepest cleaning. I clean the mirrors and glass shower doors by spraying cleaner onto the microfiber cloth instead of directly on the glass to prevent streaks. Hard water stains on faucets and shower heads come off nicely with white vinegar. For soap scum on tile and tub surfaces, a spray foam bathroom cleaner does the trick. Toilet bowl cleaner and a good stiff brush remove stains inside the toilet.

Declutter Before Cleaning Bedrooms

Before I start cleaning the bedrooms, I declutter first – closet, surfaces, under the bed. Having less clutter makes vacuuming, dusting and cleaning much easier. I launder all the bed linens and blankets too. For the mattress, I use a handheld vacuum to get rid of dust and allergens. Don’t forget window treatments – they collect dust too. Wash pillows and mattress toppers if needed to freshen them up.

Detail the Kitchen

The kitchen collects a lot of grime so it’s important to thoroughly clean counters, cabinets, floors, appliances etc. I remove everything from cabinets and drawers to fully clean the interiors. I use a degreasing cleaner for the cabinets, then go over them again with a wood polish. Kitchen sinks, enamel surfaces and faucets sparkle after scrubbing with baking soda. For the inside of the refrigerator, I remove shelves and drawers and wash with a baking soda solution. I scrub the stove top with cooktop cleaner, oven racks with detergent and water. Vacuuming under/behind appliances picks up a lot of dirt and crumbs.

Don’t Forget Garage and Basement

The garage and basement are often overlooked but need cleaning too. I clear clutter and sweep debris first. Walls, floors and stairs get scrubbed and hosed down. I spray cobwebs and shake out storage items like outdoor cushions. For concrete floors, a detergent and water solution helps lift grease stains. Getting organized by adding shelves or storage bins gives me satisfaction.

Work From High to Low

By starting high and working my way down, I can be sure not to miss any dusty, dirty spots in my home’s nooks and crannies. Taking it room by room and giving myself enough time keep the project from feeling too huge. My house feels so fresh and renewed after a thorough spring clean from top to bottom!

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