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Sick of Pests and Vermin? Preventative Pest Control Tips and Advice

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Sick of Pests and Vermin? Preventative Pest Control Tips and Advice

Pests and vermin are unwanted creatures that can invade our homes and cause damage or spread disease. As much as we try to keep them out, sometimes these persistent pests find their way inside. But there are steps you can take to deter pests and prevent infestations before they even start. Implementing preventative pest control measures can help keep your home free of common household pests.

Routinely Inspect Your Home

  • Make it a habit to regularly inspect the interior and exterior of your home for any signs of pests. Look in cupboards, under appliances, around baseboards, and in other spots where pests like to hide.
  • Check window and door seals for any gaps or cracks. Use caulk to seal any entry points pests could use.
  • Examine walls, floors, and ceilings for indications of pest activity like droppings or nests.
  • Inspect incoming packages and groceries for hitchhiking pests.
  • Monitoring your home routinely can help you identify pest problems early when they are easiest to control.

Remove Food Sources

  • One of the strongest lures for pests is an easily accessible food source.
  • Store all food in sealed containers. This deprives pests of nourishment and prevents spillages that leave crumbs and residue.
  • Clean up spills right away and do not leave dirty dishes sitting overnight.
  • Take out the trash regularly so food waste doesn’t accumulate.
  • Compost food scraps in a sealed bin outdoors.
  • Removing food sources forces pests to look elsewhere for sustenance.

Manage Waste Properly

  • Improperly managed waste provides shelter and food for pests.
  • Empty all trash cans frequently, don’t allow waste to overflow.
  • Use bins with tight securing lids to contain odors and prevent access.
  • Ensure trash bags are sealed before putting them in outdoor cans.
  • Ask your waste removal company to clean bins regularly.
  • Practice composting and recycling to reduce waste buildup.
  • Following proper waste protocols starves pests of resources.

Maintain Your Landscaping

  • Overgrown vegetation touching the home provides easy access for pests.
  • Trim shrubs and tree branches to create space between plants and structure.
  • Clear away debris like fallen branches and leaves.
  • Fill in cracks and holes in the ground surrounding your home’s foundation.
  • Redirect sprinklers spraying directly on the home’s exterior walls.
  • Proper landscaping maintenance denies pests sheltered paths into your house.

Work With a Pest Control Expert

  • If possible, have your home inspected by a professional annually.
  • Ask them to identify conditions attracting pests, seal entry points, and apply preventative treatments.
  • They can monitor using baits and traps then recommend solutions for any pests found.
  • Follow their advice to maintain pest deterrence between visits.
  • Professionals have the knowledge and tools to implement preventative pest control programs for long term results.

Implementing diligent preventative measures is the best defense against recurring pest problems. With routine inspections, proper sanitation, maintenance, and help from experts, you can stop pests from ever gaining access in the first place. Staying vigilant, addressing issues early, and denying pests food, water, and shelter will help keep your home pest-free.

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