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Sanitize Toys and Play Areas for a Germ-Free Home

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Sanitize Toys and Play Areas for a Germ-Free Home

Why Sanitizing Toys and Play Areas is Important

I know as a parent I want to do everything I can to keep my child healthy and safe. One area I pay close attention to is sanitizing the toys and play areas in our home. Toys can harbor lots of germs that can lead to illnesses, so it’s crucial to have a routine cleaning schedule. A germ-free home leads to a healthier family.

How Often Should Toys Be Sanitized?

I try to wipe down hard plastic toys at least once a week with disinfecting wipes or a sanitizing spray. For soft toys like stuffed animals, I wash them in the washing machine every couple of weeks. High-touch play areas like playmats, exersaucers, and walkers get cleaned daily. Any toys that have been mouthed get cleaned right away. Having a routine helps me stay on top of sanitizing.

Thorough Cleaning for Toys

For a deeper clean, I like to set aside time each month for a thorough sanitizing session. I collect all the toys, inspect them, and wipe down anything plastic or metal. Soft toys get washed on a sanitizing cycle in the washing machine. I use a sanitizing spray on porous toys that can’t be submerged. For electronics, I carefully clean the exterior with a disinfecting wipe. Don’t forget to sanitize toy storage bins too!

Disinfecting Play Areas

Play areas need regular disinfecting too. I sanitize high chairs after each use. For playmats, I vacuum frequently and use a disinfectant spray weekly. I spot clean carpets when spills happen. Bath toys get washed in hot, soapy water and air dried. Door handles, railings, and floors are easy to overlook but important to clean often.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

When shopping for cleaning products, I look for “disinfecting” on the label, which means it kills germs and bacteria. For sanitizing soft toys, a fragrance-free detergent is best. I like using natural cleaning brands when possible while ensuring efficacy. Common active ingredients to look for are sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, lactic acid, and thymol.

The Cleaning Routine

Here’s a sample weekly routine I follow:

  • Monday: Disinfect all hard plastic toys with wipes
  • Tuesday: Wash soft toys in washing machine
  • Wednesday: Clean playmats, exersaucers, and high chairs
  • Thursday: Spot clean carpets and vacuum floors
  • Friday: Disinfect bath toys and wash bin inserts
  • Saturday: Thorough cleaning session for all toys
  • Sunday: Clean door handles, railings, and other high-touch surfaces

Staying consistent really helps create a cleaner home environment.

Creating a Germ-Free Playroom

Here are some tips to create a healthier play area:

  • Choose easily cleanable materials like vinyl flooring and washable rugs.

  • Minimize fabric surfaces which can harbor germs.

  • Use products containing antimicrobial ingredients.

  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers for easy access.

  • Keep cleaning products out of children’s reach.

  • Allow plenty of ventilation and open windows when possible.

  • Regularly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and mix DIY solutions.

  • Clean up messes right away to prevent germ spread.

  • Follow safe procedures for handling contaminated items.

Keeping my children’s play areas clean is a top priority because I know it means less illnesses and more healthy, happy playtime! Implementing a thorough sanitizing routine takes effort but pays off.

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