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Revolutionising the UK Cleaning Industry

March 4, 2024

Revolutionising the UK Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry in the UK is a multi-billion pound market, employing hundreds of thousands across the country. However, it has remained relatively unchanged in its practices for decades. I believe the time has come to revolutionise and modernise the UK cleaning industry. There are several key ways we can achieve this:

Embracing New Technologies

The cleaning sector has been slow to adopt new technologies compared to other industries. Introducing more advanced equipment and methodologies could dramatically improve productivity and efficiency.

Automated Cleaning Machines

Robotic vacuums and auto-scrubbers are becoming more advanced and affordable. These machines can work autonomously, freeing up cleaners to focus on more detailed tasks. Initial costs may be high but the long-term benefits for productivity are substantial.

Sensor Technology

Sensors and the Internet of Things can enable ‘smart’ cleaning. Connected devices can monitor when spaces need cleaning, ensure dispensers are stocked and track assets. This allows cleaning to be proactive rather than reactive.

Data Analytics

Collecting and analysing data on cleaning metrics can optimise routines and workflows. Software can schedule tasks at the most efficient times, arrange stock ordering and highlight issues. Embracing data analytics makes cleaning smarter.

New Cleaning Methods

The cleaning industry needs to move away from traditional manual methods to more efficient systems.

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic sprayers use an electrostatically charged mist to coat surfaces evenly. This system is 70 times more efficient than conventional spraying, using less chemicals. It also reaches difficult areas.

UV-C Disinfection

UV-C light destroys viruses and bacteria at a cellular level without chemicals. Deployed by robot or handheld device, it can disinfect spaces in minutes. This is safer and more eco-friendly than cleaning products.

Dry Steam Cleaning

Dry steam vaporises when it contacts surfaces, lifting dirt and eliminating grime without chemicals. It sanitises up to 99.999% of germs, leaving no chemical residue. Dry steam cleaning is safe for most surfaces.


The cleaning industry relies heavily on chemicals and processes which can harm the environment. Adopting greener solutions is vital.

Microfibre Technology

Microfibre cloths and mops clean using just water, reducing reliance on chemical cleaners. They are more hygienic and absorbent than conventional materials.

Biodegradable Formulas

Many cleaning agents contain VOCs, phosphates, ammonia and bleach which are toxic and polluting. Biodegradable plant-based solutions are healthier for cleaners and the planet.

Low-Flow Systems

Conventional pressure washers waste hundreds of litres of water. Low-flow systems recycle water and reduce wastage by up to 90%, lowering carbon footprint.

CO2 Tracking

Collecting data on fuel consumption, travel and energy usage allows companies to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Offsetting remaining emissions also helps.

Training and Certification

Professional development is overlooked in the cleaning industry. Increased training and qualifications would improve standards.

Specialist Courses

Most cleaners learn on the job. More emphasis on professional courses in cleaning methods, health and safety, equipment operation and customer service is needed.

Professional Registration

A register of accredited cleaners proving training and experience would help the industry gain recognition and solidify standards. Other sectors require professional qualifications.

Management Training

Cleaning company owners and managers often have no experience or qualifications specifically in the cleaning field. Relevant training in cleaning best practice for managers would have a positive trickle down effect.

Wellbeing and Security

Cleaners frequently face hazardous situations and abuse at work. Security and conflict management training helps protect staff. Focus on workplace wellbeing also reduces turnover.

Service Innovation

The cleaning industry has huge scope for innovation in its business models and service offerings.

On-Demand Cleaning

App-based on-demand cleaning platforms like Uber for cleaning enable customers to book trusted cleaners at short notice. This flexibility suits modern lifestyles.

Bundled Services

Packages combining cleaning with handyperson, gardening and tech support services add convenience for customers. Cleaning companies could evolve to ‘home service’ providers.

Quality Assurance Systems

Technology like remote quality assurance checks after cleanings and customer feedback monitoring improves transparency and standards. This builds trust.

Direct Employment Model

Traditional agency models often exploit cleaners. Companies directly employing cleaners, providing training and fair conditions are more ethical. This fosters professionalism.

The UK cleaning industry is ready for a revolution. By embracing technology, pioneering new techniques, focusing on sustainability, professionalising the workforce and innovating in services, it can transform into a modern industry and improve standards for customers and workers alike. The time to act is now.

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