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Restore Serenity: Trauma Scene Cleanup and Hoarding Services

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Restore Serenity: Trauma Scene Cleanup and Hoarding Services


As the owner of Restore Serenity, I provide professional trauma scene cleanup and hoarding remediation services. After experiencing a traumatic event or living in cluttered conditions, having a specialist handle the aftermath can help you move forward. I understand this work is sensitive and aim to restore peace of mind in difficult situations.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Traumatic events like suicides, homicides, or unattended deaths require special cleanup procedures. I am trained to properly sanitize affected areas and dispose of biohazardous materials.

Why Hire a Professional?

Attempting to clean up after a tragedy without proper training can further traumatize victims and damage property. As a professional, I:

  • Use industry-standard personal protective equipment to prevent exposure risks
  • Employ advanced disinfectants that eliminate dangerous pathogens
  • Safely remove and dispose of contaminated materials
  • Provide discrete transportation services to avoid further distress

Proper biohazard remediation promotes closure and allows you to focus on healing.

Services Offered

My trauma scene cleaning services include:

  • Blood and bodily fluid removal
  • Tear down contaminated drywall and flooring
  • Odor elimination and sanitization
  • Discrete transportation of materials
  • Documentation for insurance claims

I can remediate damage to make homes habitable again. My goal is to eliminate traumatic reminders so you can move forward.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding behaviors often stem from underlying mental health issues. I approach jobs with empathy and work to improve living conditions.

Health and Safety Risks

Excessive clutter presents many hazards including:

  • Fire danger from accumulated combustibles
  • Falls due to obstructed walkways
  • Pests like rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs
  • Poor air quality that aggravates respiratory issues

Creating a sanitary living environment is the first step toward reclaiming health and independence.

Hoarding Remediation Process

My hoarding cleanup process focuses on restoration, safety, and sustainability:

  • Conduct assessment of clutter and biohazards
  • Clear access paths and exits
  • Remove trash, perishables, and contaminated items
  • Clean surfaces and treat pest infestations
  • Provide organizing assistance
  • Establish maintenance plan to prevent reoccurrence

I understand relapse is part of recovery. My goal is to facilitate long-term change while respecting client autonomy.

Why Choose Restore Serenity?

I bring over 10 years of industry experience and extensive training to every job. As a local business owner, I aim to serve my community with discretion and compassion.

My top priorities are safety, restoration, and healing. I ease difficult transitions by handling the cleanup process efficiently and professionally. Contact me today to learn more about my trauma and hoarding remediation services.

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