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Remove Pet Hair From Furniture And Carpets

March 3, 2024
Remove Pet Hair From Furniture And Carpets

Pet hair can be a nuisance, sticking to furniture, carpets, clothing, and more. With the right tools and techniques, removing pet hair is easy. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to remove pet hair from furniture and carpets.

Regular Vacuuming

The most basic way to keep pet hair under control is regular vacuuming. Vacuuming lifts hair off surfaces and sucks it into the vacuum.

  • Vacuum furniture at least once a week with a handheld vacuum or attachment. Get into crevices and seams.

  • For carpets, use a full-sized vacuum 2-3 times per week. Vacuum against the grain to lift up pet hair.

  • Empty the vacuum after each use so hair does not build up inside it.

Vacuuming frequently prevents hair from accumulating and matting into furniture or carpet fibers.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers quickly remove pet hair from furniture and carpeting by rolling an adhesive sheet across the surface.

  • Roll lint rollers across furniture such as couches, chairs and beds.

  • For carpets, use a specifically designed carpet rake roller to collect hair.

  • Replace sheets often so the adhesive remains sticky.

Lint rollers are convenient for quick, daily pet hair removal.

Rubber Brushes and Gloves

Rubber brushes and gloves use static electricity to attract and grab onto pet hair.

  • For furniture, use a rubber pet hair brush to remove hair from fabric and upholstery.

  • Put on a rubber grooming glove and run your hand across carpets and furniture to gather hair.

  • Rinse brushes and gloves under water to wash away hair when finished.

Rubber tools cling to hair and are more effective than normal brushes.

Sticky Rollers

Sticky rollers have an adhesive coating that pulls up pet hair as you roll across a surface.

  • Roll sticky rollers across furniture, carpeted stairs, car seats, etc. The hair sticks to the roller.

  • When the roller loses tackiness, wash it with soap and water to remove hair and refresh the sticky surface.

  • For carpets, use a double-sided carpet rake with adhesive strips.

Sticky rollers quickly grab onto pet hair for easy removal.

Specially Formulated Pet Hair Cleaners

Pet hair cleaning sprays and foams are designed to help remove pet hair:

  • Spray a pet hair remover foam onto surfaces, let sit 5 minutes, then wipe away. The formula traps hair in the foam to clean it.

  • For carpets, use a pet hair carpet cleaner in a machine or pretreat heavily soiled areas before regular carpet shampooing.

  • Look for natural formulas without harsh detergents.

Specialized pet hair cleaning products help break up oil and loosen stuck-on hair.

Laundering and Drying

Running items through the laundry helps remove pet hair:

  • Wash pet beds, throws, and blankets regularly to remove hair before it builds up. Use the gentle cycle and colder water.

  • For carpets, rent a carpet cleaning machine and use a pet hair shampoo in the reservoir.

  • Air dry laundered items to prevent hair sticking to them in the dryer.

Laundering and air drying can help pull out clinging pet hair from fabrics.

Prevention Between Cleanings

You can take steps to prevent pet hair accumulation:

  • Cover furniture with washable covers or throws to collect hair.

  • Place doormats inside and outside entrances so feet pick up less hair.

  • Brush or wet wipe pets regularly to remove loose hair.

  • Feed a high quality diet to improve skin and coat health.

Simple prevention keeps pet hair under control. Combine these tips with regular removal for pet hair free furniture and carpets!

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