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Refreshing Your Bed Linens for a Luxurious Spring

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Refreshing Your Bed Linens for a Luxurious Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to refresh your bedroom for the new season! Changing out your bed linens is an easy way to give your space a luxurious update. Here’s how to pick bedding that will make your bedroom feel brand new.

Assess Your Current Bedding

Take a look at your current bed linens. Are they looking worn or faded from lots of use and washing? Do they have stains, tears, or holes? Is the color or pattern feeling tired or no longer suiting your taste? If so, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Even if your linens are still in decent shape, spring is a great opportunity to switch to lighter, brighter options that suit the season.

Choose High Quality Materials

When selecting new bed linens, pay attention to the fabric content. For ultimate luxury, look for natural fibers like 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton, linen, and silk. These fabrics have an elegant drape and get softer with repeated washing.

A high thread count, around 300-500, will give sheets a smooth, luxurious feel. Percale weaves are crisp and cool while sateen weaves are silky and shiny. For lightweight blankets, look for cotton, linen, cashmere, wool, or silk.

Select Soothing, Inviting Colors

Color can totally transform the feel of your bedroom. For spring, look for soft, light palette like aqua, sky blue, pale green, lavender, and peach. Florals and nature-inspired prints also evoke the freshness of the season.

Keep neutral tones like white, ivory, tan, and light gray on hand too. They make easy bases for layering different patterns and colors.

Add Luxurious Touches

Little details can take your bed to the next level of luxury:

  • High thread count sheets – Splurge on at least 300 thread count Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets. The higher thread count, the softer and more supple the sheets will feel.

  • Duvet cover – A duvet insert with a removable, washable cover feels extra plush and luxurious.

  • Plush mattress pad or featherbed – Add an extra layer under your sheets for dreamy softness.

  • Blankets – Layer cotton, cashmere, or lightweight wool blankets instead of comforters.

  • Decorative pillows – Throw on some accent pillows in prints, silk, velvet, or fluffy down-alternative fills.

  • Dust ruffle – A gathered cotton dust ruffle neatly finishes the bedskirt area.

  • Monogram – Customize with your initials stitched on shams or pillowcases.

Deep Clean Your Mattress

While you’re switching up your bedding, it’s wise to give your mattress a deep clean too. You can:

  • Vacuum – Use the hose attachment to vacuum up dust and allergens.

  • Deodorize – Sprinkle baking soda over the surface, let sit 30 minutes, then vacuum up.

  • Disinfect – Use an antimicrobial spray made for mattresses. Allow to fully dry.

  • Air out – On a sunny day, uncover your mattress and let it air out for several hours.

A clean mattress and fresh new linens will make your bed the ultimate oasis of luxury and relaxation this spring!

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