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Refresh Your Space with Feng Shui Cleaning

March 4, 2024

Refresh Your Space with Feng Shui Cleaning


Cleaning and organizing your home can do wonders for your mental clarity and promote a more harmonious environment. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, provides guidelines on how to enhance energy flow in your home through strategic cleaning. As a feng shui practitioner, I utilize these principles to help clients refresh their living spaces.

In this article, I will guide you through the basics of feng shui cleaning to refresh your home and cultivate positive energy.

Clear Clutter to Allow Chi Energy to Flow

Clutter is the number one obstacle to promoting healthy energy flow in your home according to feng shui principles. Stagnant chi energy can not circulate properly when clutter blocks it.

Here are some tips on decluttering to allow chi to flow freely:

  • Go room by room and sort clutter into categories like donate, recycle, trash, or relocate to another room.
  • Start with surfaces first – counters, tables, dressers. Then move to entire rooms.
  • Declutter in small time chunks, like 30 minutes per day. This prevents overwhelm.
  • Create homes for your belongings so everything has a designated place.
  • Invest in organizational systems like bins, shelves, or drawer organizers.

Thoroughly culling clutter allows for open movement and circulation – principles crucial to feng shui.

Cleanse Energetically with Intention

In feng shui, intention plays a major role. Set the tone for your deep clean by establishing your intention beforehand.

Here are some tips for cleansing with intention:

  • Decide your goal – whether it’s to invite romance, boost creativity, or promote family harmony.
  • Perform a simple ritual to energize yourself before cleaning. Light a candle, burn sage or incense, or say a prayer.
  • Clean with love and care. Consider how your actions uplift the energy of your home.
  • Focus on cleaning as a meditative act. Clear your mind and be present.
  • Express gratitude and positive affirmations as you clean.

Infusing your cleaning with purposeful intention consecrates the act and amplifies the energetic benefits.

Organize Using Feng Shui Principles

Feng shui offers guidelines on home organization aimed at promoting energy flow and balance. Here are some basics to incorporate:

  • Keep entryways uncluttered. This allows chi to flow in.
  • Eliminate clutter in living spaces and walkways.
  • Contain paperwork in one designated office space.
  • Organize by category in closets and drawers. Use dividers.
  • ** Avoid overcrowding.** Too many furnishings obstruct energy movement.

Look up proper placement for your bedroom, kitchen, home office, and other spaces to harmonize their energies.

Deep Clean Mindfully

Cleaning with mindfulness keeps you present and attentive, which imbues your home with positive energy.

Some mindful cleaning tips:

  • Focus on one task at a time. Don’t multi-task or rush.
  • Adopt a meditative pace – steady yet relaxed.
  • Really engage your senses – notice sights, smells, textures.
  • Take breaks when needed to renew your vitality.
  • Feel gratitude for your home and belongings.

Staying mindful prevents cleaning from becoming a robotic chore. Instead, it becomes a soothing ritual of renewal.

Maintain Energy Flow with Regular Upkeep

Feng shui cleaning shouldn’t just happen once in a blue moon – regular maintenance keeps energy flowing.

Here are some upkeep tips:

  • Set a cleaning schedule – daily, weekly, monthly tasks. Make checklists.
  • Never leave clutter for another day. Deal with it in the moment.
  • Wipe surfaces to prevent dust buildup.
  • Vacuum traffic areas – halls, entryways, bedrooms – 1-2 times weekly.
  • Replace stale energy seasonally with fresh flowers, fruit, art.

Consistent upkeep preserves the revitalized energy you’ve created through your deep clean. A little attention every day prevents entropy and stagnation.


Feng shui cleaning allows you to refresh your living space on an energetic level. By decluttering, organizing purposefully, cleaning mindfully, and maintaining regular order, you encourage positive chi to freely circulate throughout your home. A balanced, harmonious environment supports wellbeing for you and your loved ones. Use these feng shui cleaning tips to regularly renew the energy in your sacred home space.

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