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Refresh Your Mattress and Breathe Easier

March 5, 2024

Refresh Your Mattress and Breathe Easier

Why Replacing Your Old Mattress Matters

A mattress can greatly impact your sleep quality and health. As mattresses age, they accumulate dust, dirt, and microbes that can trigger allergies and asthma. Replacing an old, worn out mattress with a new one can provide many benefits:

  • Improved sleep quality. Old mattresses lose their support and pressure relief. This can cause back pain, neck pain, and restless sleep. A new mattress contours better to your body shape and provides better spinal alignment and comfort.

  • Cleaner sleeping environment. Old mattresses harbor dust mites, mold, and mildew that build up over the years. These allergens get released into the air while you sleep, worsening allergy and asthma symptoms. A new mattress gives you a fresh, clean sleeping surface.

  • Better respiratory health. Studies show that replacing old mattresses can significantly reduce asthma attacks and improve airway resistance. Chemical flame retardants in older mattresses also degrade over time and release particulates that reduce lung function.

  • More hygienic sleep space. We shed skin cells, sweat, and body oils while sleeping. These accumulate in mattresses over time along with bacteria, providing an ideal environment for dust mites to proliferate. A new mattress gives you a hygienic and healthy sleep space.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

Don’t wait until your mattress is totally worn out before replacing it. Look out for these signs that indicate you need a new mattress:

  • Sagging or indentations. Dips, sags, and visible indentations indicate the mattress’ support layers are breaking down. This causes misalignment and pressure points during sleep.

  • You wake up sore or achy. If your back, neck, and joints hurt every morning, your mattress is likely not providing adequate support and comfort.

  • Allergies or asthma get worse. Wheezing, sniffling, and watery eyes when you wake up means dust mites or mold in the mattress are aggravating allergies.

  • You feel less rested. Despite sleeping for longer, you still feel tired when you wake up. This indicates poor sleep quality due to an uncomfortable mattress.

  • You’ve had it over 7 years. Most quality mattresses last 7-10 years. After that, materials compress down and lose support and integrity.

  • Infestations. Signs of bed bugs, mold, or mildew mean it’s definitely time for a new mattress.

What To Look For In a New Mattress

Type of Mattress

Choose a mattress type based on your sleep position and firmness preference:

  • Memory foam contours closely and relieves pressure points. Best for side sleepers or people with joint pain.

  • Latex provides buoyant support and responsiveness. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Natural latex is hypoallergenic.

  • Innerspring has coil support cores that provide bounce and edge support. Good for back sleepers and heavier individuals.

  • Hybrid combines coil springs with comfort layers of foam or latex. Balances support and pressure relief.

  • Adjustable air beds allow you to customize firmness on each side. Helpful for couples with different preferences.

Mattress Firmness

Pick a firmness based on your body type and sleep position:

  • Soft (3-4) offers more contouring. Best for side sleepers under 130 lbs.

  • Medium soft (5) provides a balance of comfort and support. Ideal for average weight side sleepers.

  • Medium (6) suits most sleep positions under 230 lbs. Combines support and pressure relief.

  • Medium firm (7-8) gives minimal sinking and even support. Best for back and stomach sleepers.

  • Firm (9-10) doesn’t conform closely. Ideal for heavier individuals and those who prefer a hard surface.

Mattress Materials

  • CertiPUR foam is eco-friendly, durable, and breathable. Avoid foam with PBDE flame retardants.

  • Organic latex and wool are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

  • Hybrid coils provide better support and durability than foam alone.

  • Double-sided design extends a mattress’ lifespan.

  • Removable and washable cover protects the mattress from allergens.

Transitioning to a New Mattress

Give your body time to adjust to a new mattress:

  • Gradually break it in over 2-4 weeks.

  • Rotate it head to foot every 2 weeks at first.

  • Use a mattress protector to keep it clean.

  • Allow up to 30 days for your body to fully adjust.

  • Break it in before making a return.

Replacing an old, worn out mattress can make a huge difference in how well you sleep and feel. Focus on choosing a comfortable, high quality mattress tailored to your needs. Then give your body time to get used to your new, cleaner sleep surface and start waking up refreshed and breathing easier!

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