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Refresh Your Home Top to Bottom this Spring

March 4, 2024

Refresh Your Home Top to Bottom this Spring

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to refresh your home from top to bottom. As the weather warms up and you start spending more time outdoors, your home should transition to reflect the new season. Follow this guide to refresh every area of your home this spring.

Give Your Home a Deep Clean

Roll up your sleeves and give every room in your home a deep clean. Start by washing walls, windows, baseboards, and trim to remove any dust or grime that accumulated over the winter. Be sure to use a ladder to reach high areas and microfiber cloths for gentle but effective cleaning.

Next, tackle carpets and rugs. Shampoo carpets and steam clean rugs to lift out dirt. For tile, vinyl, or wood floors, use a pH neutral floor cleaner and mop thoroughly.

Don’t forget to clean furniture too. Vacuum upholstery and wipe down wood furniture with a wood polish. Tackle glass tables, cabinets, and windows with a glass cleaner. For a nice touch, add a few drops of essential oils like lemon or lavender to your cleaning solutions.

Once everything is sparkling clean, do a final sweep with the vacuum and empty all the trash bins. A clean home is the perfect blank canvas to welcome spring.

Refresh Your Color Palette

Winter’s darker color palette can feel gloomy after several months. Energize your home for spring with a lighter, brighter color scheme.

Start by swapping out heavy curtains for sheer panels or blinds. The increased natural light will instantly liven up the space. Next, roll up any dark rugs and stash them until next winter.

Add fresh coats of paint in lighter hues like pastels, neutrals, or whites. Painting walls, trim, or front doors in a new springtime color is a simple but high impact refresh.

You can also refresh through new decor items like throw pillows, blankets, table runners, or blooming plants. Shop for pieces in spring color palettes like light greens, pinks, yellows, or blues. The color change will welcome spring to your home.

Clear Out Clutter

After being cooped up inside all winter, spring is a great opportunity to clear out clutter that accumulated. Start by sorting through each room, deciding what items to donate, trash, sell or store.

Kitchens and pantries are prone to buildup of expired food and extra dishes. Bedrooms and closets often become disorganized over time. Go through each space with a critical eye for clutter.

Rearrange and Update Decor

With the clutter cleared out, you can experiment with rearranging and updating decor. Start by moving furniture like couches, armchairs or dining sets to a new configuration. Try angling a couch to create reading nook or floating a rug to define a sitting area.

Next, try a simple decor update like new throw pillows, curtains, centerpieces or wall art. Search for pieces that fit the fresh spring aesthetic you want. The small changes will make rooms feel renewed.

For a bigger change, repaint walls in lighter colors or update lighting fixtures. Properly lighting a room and reflecting more light will make the whole space feel airier and refreshed.

Deep Clean Outdoors

Your spring cleaning doesn’t stop inside. Spending more time outdoors means your porches, patios, decks and walkways should get a deep clean too. Start by sweeping then use a power washer to deeply clean outdoor surfaces.

For lawn furniture, use a mild soap and water or all-natural cleaner. A vinyl brush helps scrub away built up dirt and grime.

Check any outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos or fences and do repairs now to refresh their look. Apply fresh coats of outdoor paint or stain where needed.

Prep your Garden and Lawn

Prep your garden beds and lawn so both are lush and healthy when it’s time to spend more hours outdoors. Remove any remaining fall leaves or debris from the yard and garden.

Next, till your garden to fluff soil and remove weeds so plants have room to grow. Add compost or fertilizer to nourish the soil. For lawns, rake thoroughly to remove debris then overseed and apply spring fertilizer to fill in bare spots.

These simple lawn and garden refreshers prep your outdoor space for a beautiful springtime.

Add Pops of Color

The easiest way to welcome spring is by adding pops of color, especially from fresh flowers and plants. Stock up on pots of blooming spring flowers like tulips, daffodils or hyacinths and place them on porches, patios, countertops and tables.

For quick color, hang spring wreaths on doors or entryways. Place cut flowers like ranunculus, anemones, or peonies in colorful vases around your home. Their bright, lively colors embody the spirit of spring.

Open your Doors and Windows

Nothing feels as fresh as allowing natural air and sunshine to flow through your home. On nice days, fling open the doors and windows wide. Feel the fresh spring breeze and listen to birds chirping outside.

Open windows also allow fresh scents from blooming flowers to waft in. The influx of sights, sounds and smells are an instant mood lifter after being cooped up all winter.

Enjoy Seasonal Activities

Participating in fun spring activities gets you outdoors and enjoying the new season. Plan a spring picnic under flowering trees or get moving in the sunshine with yard games like cornhole or frisbee.

Get your hands dirty by starting a small vegetable garden – your fresh tomatoes will taste amazing. Or get creative and do some spring DIY projects like birdhouses for your yard.

Embrace hobbies that align with the spring season. Whether you choose gardening, hiking, grilling outdoors or simply relaxing on the patio, make the most of spring.


Refreshing your home from top to bottom welcomes the spirit of spring indoors. A thorough deep clean, new decor in lighter colors, decluttering, prepping your lawn and garden and adding pops of color with plants and flowers will make your home feel fresh, bright and ready for a new season. Follow these tips for an easy home refresh this spring.

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