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Refresh Outdoor Living Spaces for Sunny Spring Days

March 4, 2024

Refresh Outdoor Living Spaces for Sunny Spring Days

Assess the Current State of Your Outdoor Space

Spring is the perfect time to take stock of your outdoor living areas and develop a plan to refresh them for the sunny days ahead. Here are some tips for evaluating your patio, deck, or yard:

Take Note of Worn or Damaged Areas

  • Walk around your outdoor space and make note of any worn down areas on your deck boards, cracked concrete, or dying plants. Spring is an optimal time to repair or replace these elements.
  • Examine your patio or deck for loose boards, splintered wood, warped surfaces, etc. Make a list of any unsafe areas that need fixing. Ensuring your spaces are structurally sound should be a top priority.

Evaluate Furniture Condition

  • Take stock of your outdoor seating, dining sets, loungers, etc. Make a list of pieces that need refurbishment – a fresh coat of paint or stain, cushion replacements, etc.
  • Assess the arrangement of your furniture. Decide if a new layout would better suit your space for entertaining or relaxation.

Check Drainage Areas

  • Scan your yard and patio areas for spots where water collects and pools after it rains. Proper drainage is key to prevent flooding and damage.
  • Look for solutions like grading the lawn or installing a French drain to redirect water away from the house. Proper drainage will allow you to better utilize outdoor spaces.

Analyze Sunlight Patterns

  • Track how sunlight enters (or doesn’t enter) your yard throughout the day. Identify areas that are always shady or get too much hot afternoon sun.
  • Consider adding or moving plants, trees, patio umbrellas, or canopies to add precious sunlight to darker spots or provide cooling shade where needed.

Freshen Up Furniture

Outdoor furniture takes a beating and often needs some TLC to look its best. Here are great ways to restore tired patio and deck furnishings:


  • For wood surfaces use a stiff bristle brush and mild detergent to scrub away built-up dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Wash fabric cushions in the washing machine or by hand. Allow them to air dry completely before placing back on furniture.


  • Lightly sand wooden chairs, tables, etc, then wipe clean. Apply new paint according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Spray paint is a quick and easy way to refresh metal patio furniture and accessories.

Staining or Sealing

  • Re-stain wood furniture every 1-2 years to protect from sun damage and water. Allow proper dry time.
  • Seal natural wicker to prevent fading. New waterproofing protects from rain and sun damage over time.

Cushion Replacement

  • Swap out faded, stained, or deteriorating outdoor cushions for new ones that match your color scheme.
  • Consider water-resistant or indoor/outdoor fabric for cushions that will stand up to the elements.

Upgrade Hardscaping

The “bones” of your outdoor living space – patios, walkways, retaining walls – take abuse from weather and use. Here are ideas to revive them:

Repair Cracks and Low Spots

  • Use patching compound to fill cracks and dips in concrete or brick patios. Follow drying time instructions.
  • For sunken paver walkways, remove and replace affected pavers to level the surface.

Pressure Wash

  • Grubby concrete, stucco, tile, and wood fencing benefit greatly from pressure washing. Wear eye and ear protection.
  • Let surfaces dry fully 1-2 sunny days before applying any sealant or paint.


  • Resurfacing products like overlays or engraving systems can restore and update tired concrete patios, walkways, driveways.
  • For wood decks, sand away old stain then apply new protective deck paint or stain.

Add Design Features

  • Make hardscapes pop by adding decorative tiles, patterns, or color coatings.
  • Stamp or stencil new designs into concrete patios or walkways when refinishing.

Refresh Greenery and Flowers

Spring is the time for new plantings and adding color with flowers:

Add Focal Points

  • Plant bright, eye-catching flowering shrubs or colorful potted plants to draw the eye.
  • Arrange plants and pots in balanced, asymmetrical groupings for visual interest.

Consider Low-Maintenance Options

  • For areas farther from water hoses, choose drought-tolerant native plants. They require less water once established.
  • Hardy succulents add unique texture and lush appeal with minimal care.

Fertilize Lawns and Gardens

  • Apply balanced fertilizer to nourish lawns, trees, and planting beds. This energizes growth.
  • Spot treat weeds to prevent them from stealing nutrients from desired plants.

Add Pops of Color

  • Bright flowers in pots on stairs, patios, or fences enliven spaces with vibrant color.
  • For quick color, set out trays of annuals like petunias, zinnias, or marigolds.

Prune Overgrown Areas

  • Identify overgrown trees, shrubs, or hedges and prune back to restore desired size and shape.
  • Use hand pruners, loppers, or saws depending on thickness of branches needing removal.

Create Inviting New Areas

Maximize enjoyment of spring weather by carving out new spaces to relax or entertain:

Patio or Deck

  • A new wooden deck or patio of stone, concrete, or pavers provides solid footing to set up chairs and tables.
  • Ensure proper base preparation for long-lasting stability. Select appropriate weather-resistant materials.

Cozy Sitting Area

  • Arrange outdoor sofas or benches around a fire pit or chiminea to create an intimate gathering space.
  • Position it near gardens or water features for tranquil ambience.

Shaded Relaxation Zone

  • Escape the midday sun under a wooden pergola or canvas canopy.
  • Add hammocks or hanging chairs to create a soothing oasis.

Outdoor Kitchen

  • Cook, dine, and entertain out in the fresh air with an outdoor kitchen.
  • Incorporate cabinets for storage, a sink for prep, and a durable cooktop.

Water Feature

  • The sight and sound of moving water makes any space more serene.
  • Small fountains, ponds with waterfalls, or backyard streams invite restfulness.

With some repairs, refurbishment, fresh plantings, and new elements, your outdoor oasis will be ready for sunny spring days of relaxation and fun! Let the revitalization begin.

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