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Refresh Leather Furniture for Spring

March 4, 2024

Refresh Leather Furniture for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your leather furniture and get it looking its best again. With some simple cleaning and conditioning, you can restore the supple feel and shine to your leather pieces. Here are some tips for sprucing up leather furniture this spring.

Clean the Leather

Giving your leather a good cleaning helps remove built up dirt, oil, and grime. This prevents cracking and fading over time. Here are some cleaning tips:

Vacuum and Dust

The first step is to vacuum cushions and corners to suck up loose dirt and debris. Use the soft brush attachment. Then, wipe down leather with a clean microfiber cloth to remove surface dust. Getting rid of dust prevents scratches during the deeper clean.

Use Leather Cleaner

Next, clean the leather with a specially formulated leather cleaner or mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth dampened with the cleaner to gently wipe away stubborn dirt and stains. Take care not to soak the leather – lightly dampen the cloth and spot clean when needed.

Test cleaner on a small hidden area first. Buff dry with a clean soft cloth after cleaning.

Treat Stains and Spills

For oil-based stains like grease, dab them immediately with a clean absorbent cloth. Avoid harsh rubbing. Use a leather cleaner and lightly wipe the area to lift the stain residue.

For water-based stains, blot up excess liquid quickly with an absorbent cloth. Let the leather air dry completely before applying cleaner. This prevents water rings or discoloration.

Condition the Leather

After cleaning, conditioning helps hydrate leather and restore suppleness. It also creates a protective barrier against future staining and cracking.

Use Leather Conditioner

Apply a small amount of leather conditioner or oil to a clean, soft cloth. Then, gently rub the conditioner into the leather using circular motions. Evenly coat the entire surface.

For stubborn dry spots, let the conditioner penetrate for a few minutes before buffing with a clean cloth. Avoid over-conditioning which can leave a tacky finish.

Try a Natural Conditioner

Some people use natural oils like coconut or olive oil as leather conditioners. Apply a thin layer to clean leather and let absorb for 30 minutes before polishing away any excess. The oils moisturize leather to prevent cracking.

Use Caution with Neatsfoot Oil

Neatsfoot oil has been traditionally used to soften and protect leather. However, some experts warn that it can cause long term damage. Test a drop first and proceed with caution if using neatsfoot oil.

Protect and Preserve Leather

Along with cleaning and conditioning, there are some extra steps to ensure your leather lasts for years.

Sun Protection

UV rays from sunlight can cause leather to dry out and fade over time. When possible, avoid placing leather furniture in direct sun or use window curtains to block light during peak hours.

Leather Protectants

Specialized leather protectant sprays or creams provide an added moisture barrier and guard against stains. Apply them 1-2 times per year after cleaning and conditioning leather. Test first on an inconspicuous spot.

Proper Use

Be mindful of how you use leather furniture day to day. Avoid sitting on edges or armrests which can tear or warp leather. Blot up spills promptly and rotate cushions to evenly distribute wear and tear.

With some discipline, your leather can look great for many years to come. I hope these tips help you refresh your leather furniture this spring! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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