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Refresh Air Purifiers and Humidifiers this Spring

March 4, 2024

Refresh Air Purifiers and Humidifiers this Spring

Why Refresh Air Purifiers and Humidifiers?

With spring on the horizon, now is a great time to refresh my air purification and humidification systems. As the seasons change, the air quality in my home changes too. Pollen, dust and dander can flare up in the spring, making my indoor air feel stale. Refreshering my air purifiers and humidifiers helps me start the spring season off right with clean, comfortable indoor air.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

During the winter, my home’s air can become dry and stagnant from having the heat on and windows closed. When I refresh my air purifiers and change out old filters, it removes accumulated dust, dander, and other allergens that have built up over the winter.

Replacing old humidifier pads or refilling humidifiers helps replenish moisture in the air that gets zapped in the winter. Properly humidified air between 30-50% humidity makes breathing easier and helps reduce dry airway irritation and static electricity in my home.

Together, my refreshed air purification and humidification systems will filter out pollutants while adding healthy humidity to my indoor air. This makes the air I breathe every day fresher and more breathable as I transition into spring.

Preventing Allergy Flare Ups

As the weather warms up, pollen counts rise outside. Much of this pollen makes its way indoors through open doors and windows. Air purifiers capture airborne pollen before I can breathe it in by using filters like HEPA filters.

Humidifiers also help because properly humidified air causes airborne allergens like pollen and dust mites to settle out of the air more quickly. This reduces their presence in the air I’m breathing.

By refreshing my air purification and humidification tools this season, I’ll be ready to defend my home’s air against infiltrating springtime allergens. This helps me prevent miserable allergy and asthma flare ups.

Freshening Up My Living Space

After being cooped up indoors all winter, my home could probably use a good freshening up right about now. Refreshing my air purifiers traps all those accumulated odors from cooking, pets, and other day-to-day living. Replacing old filters helps my homes air feel cleaner and smell fresher.

Adding humidity with my refreshed humidifier also makes the air feel crisper and cleaner. Dry winter air can feel stale and stuffy. Elevating moisture levels makes my home’s air feel lighter and refreshed. It’s almost like opening the windows and taking a deep breath of fresh outdoor air!

Tips for Refreshing Air Purifiers

Here are my top tips for revitalizing my air purifiers this season:

  • Replace air filters – This is the most important refresh I can do for my air purifiers! Replacing used, dirty filters with new HEPA filters maximizes my air purification system’s effectiveness.

  • Deep clean the unit – I give my air purifier a good wipe down, cleaning the vents and surface to remove accumulated dust and dander. This helps it run more efficiently.

  • Check the filters fit – I make sure my new air filters are properly sized and securely fitted in the unit. An ill-fitting filter won’t properly clean the air.

  • Reset the filter indicator – Many air purifiers have a filter replacement indicator. I reset this when putting in new filters to stay on top of when I’ll need my next filter swap.

  • Test different locations – The spring season is a good chance to experiment with my air purifier placement in different rooms to find its optimal spot.

Reviving My Humidifiers

Here are some key steps I take to revive my humidifiers for spring:

  • Deep clean the tank & parts – I scrub out any mineral deposits and disinfect the tank, reservoir and other removable parts. This prevents mold growth.

  • Replace old filters – If my humidifier uses wicking filters, I swap in new filters to maximize moisture output.

  • Refill supplies – For warm mist humidifiers, I replenish any evaporated water treatment additives. Cool mist humidifiers may need new wicks.

  • Check for leaks – I inspect seals, caps and connections to make sure there are no leaks that could lead to moisture damage.

  • Set the humidity level – Most humidifiers have adjustable settings. I make sure humidity output is set appropriately for springtime conditions, around 40-50% relative humidity.

Enjoy Revitalized Indoor Air!

By taking some time to refresh my air purifiers and humidifiers before spring gets into full swing, I set myself up for clean, allergen-free and comfortably humidified air all season long. A few simple maintenance steps gives me peace of mind that my home’s indoor air is just as fresh as the great outdoors!

With my revitalized air purification and humidification systems, I can fling open the windows and invite in the springtime breeze, confident the indoor air I’m breathing is revitalized right along with the new season. My lungs and home environment thank me for this thoughtful spring refresh.

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