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Organize the Garage for Gardening Season

March 4, 2024

Organize the Garage for Gardening Season

Assess Storage Needs

With spring here, it’s time to get the garage ready for gardening season! Proper organization will make storing tools and supplies easier. Here are some tips:

First, take inventory of everything gardening-related in the garage. I need to see what gardening tools I already have before buying anything new. Make a list of Shovels, rakes, hoses, pruners, fertilizers, pots, and anything else for the yard or garden.

Next, evaluate my storage options. Do I need to install additional shelving or pegboards? Look for wasted space on the walls or ceiling that could be utilized. Clear plastic totes are great for storing soil, fertilizers, and small tools. Consider getting a yard cart or wheeled caddy to easily transport items outside.

Also, take note of any lawn mowers, bikes, or other large items. These can take up a lot of floor space, so they should have a dedicated area. Use vertical storage racks to hang bikes and long-handled tools up and out of the way.

Organize Gardening Tools

Now it’s time to bring order to the gardening gear. Having organized tools will make projects easier and more efficient this growing season. Here are some tips:

Group tools by type. Rakes, shovels, pruners, etc should each have their own section. Use pegboards, shelves, utility hooks, or bins to keep similar items together. This makes finding the right tool quick and easy.

Label storage areas. Use signs or chalkboard labels to mark what goes where. I’ll know exactly where to find the hand trowels and pruning shears. Alphabetical order or labeling by type of activity like “Digging” and “Pruning” works well.

Clean tools before storing. It’s satisfying to start spring with fresh tools. Remove dirt and rust, then coat metal parts with machine oil to prevent future rust. Sharp tools work best, so sharpen blades and remove debris stuck in tool joints.

Hang long-handled tools. Get them off the floor by using wall-mounted racks or hooks. This saves space and protects tool edges from damage. Just make sure heavier items are securely mounted.

Set Up Potting Area

A dedicated potting area makes starting seeds and transplanting seedlings much simpler. Here’s how I’ll set up an organized potting station:

Select an area with good ventilation and access to water. Windows provide light and ventilation. Lay down plastic sheeting or trays to protect the floor from spills. Have a hose or sink nearby to easily fill watering cans.

Gather essential potting supplies like:

  • Seed trays
  • Small pots
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Trowels and scoops
  • Watering can
  • Pruners
  • Labels and markers

Store items together on shelves, a cart, or large tray table. This provides a mobile working surface while keeping everything neatly in one place.

Add useful extras like a soil sieve, spray bottle, drying racks, and a small fan or heat mat for starting seeds. A chair makes potting more comfortable over longer periods.

Keeping this functional potting station stocked up and organized will make plant care and gardening projects smooth and hassle-free this season. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Schedule Seasonal Garage Cleanouts

The garage easily gets overloaded with stuff we don’t use often. Make maintaining organization easier by doing thorough cleanouts and re-organization twice a year – one for gardening season and one for winter storage.

Spring is the perfect time to clear out anything that doesn’t support gardening activities. Thoroughly sweep and wash down cobwebby surfaces. Go through all shelves and storage areas, keeping only essential gardening items. Anything not needed should be donated, recycled, or permanently stored elsewhere like the basement or attic.

In fall, put away gardening supplies and swap out warmer weather items for cold weather storage. Find a permanent spot indoors for pots, fertilizers, and chemicals. Move shovels, salt/ice melt, snow tools, and winter sports gear to the front. This makes snow removal easier. Go through fall/winter items and donate or recycle anything not regularly used.

Post visible reminders of what belongs in the garage at both changeovers. Other family members will know what goes where and when. Consistent semi-annual cleanouts make garage organization a breeze all year long!

Finalize Plans and Get Ready

With a plan for storage, tools, and workspace, I’m ready for an organized garage this gardening season! Here are final tips:

  • Label bins and shelves with contents or area names
  • Take photos of the finished setup for easy re-creation
  • Map layout on paper to remember what goes where
  • Buy needed supplies like shelves and racks in advance
  • Schedule cleanout dates on the calendar now
  • Enlist help from family for large-scale cleanouts

A few weekends of work now will save so much time and hassle later. I’ll be able to quickly find tools, supplies, and space to work on gardening projects. Plus, I can pull everything out for use and easily put it all back afterwards. An organized garage makes gardening and yardwork much more relaxing and enjoyable!

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