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Microfiber Magic: Cut Down on Paper with Reusable Cloths

March 3, 2024
Microfiber Magic: Cut Down on Paper with Reusable Cloths


As someone looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I’ve been searching for ways to cut down on paper towel usage. Paper towels may be convenient, but they generate a lot of waste. That’s why I’m excited to share how microfiber cloths can be a reusable, sustainable alternative for cleaning. In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of microfiber, compare it to paper towels, and share tips on how to incorporate microfiber cloths into your cleaning routine.

What Are Microfiber Cloths?

Microfiber cloths are made from extremely fine synthetic fibers that are tightly woven together. This creates a soft, absorbent cloth that is durable and quick-drying. The fibers have a knack for attracting dirt, grease, and moisture from surfaces.

Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths can be washed and reused over and over again. Just pop them in the laundry when they get dirty. With proper care, a high-quality microfiber cloth can last for years.

Benefits of Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber offers some big advantages over disposable paper towels:

More Absorbent

The ultra-fine fibers give microfiber incredible absorbing power. They soak up 7 times their weight in liquid! For cleaning up spills and messes, microfiber outperforms paper towels.


Microfiber cloths are a sustainable choice as they can replace thousands of paper towels over their lifetime. This saves money and dramatically reduces waste.

Cleans Better

The dense fibers grab onto dirt and lift it off surfaces. Microfiber cloths capture 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water. They make cleaning with just water simple and effective.


Unlike cotton cloths, microfiber won’t leave behind fuzzy lint or streaks. Surfaces are left spotless and streak-free after cleaning.

Dries Fast

Microfiber absorbs moisture quickly and dries rapidly. This makes cleaning less of a hassle.


From mirrors to desktops, microfiber can be used to clean virtually any hard surface. Different colors of microfiber cloths can be designated for different rooms or purposes.

Microfiber vs Paper Towels

Here’s a look at how microfiber and paper towels stack up:

| Attribute | Microfiber Cloth | Paper Towel |
| Cost | $0.10-$1 per cloth (reusable) | $0.01 per towel (disposable) |
| Absorbency | High, up to 7x its weight | Moderate, up to 4x its weight |
| Bacteria Removal | Up to 99% with water | Up to 85% with disinfectant |
| Streaks | None | Moderate streaking |
| Lint | None | Light lint leftover |
| Waste | Reusable, replace thousands of paper towels | Single use, creates waste |

Over time, the reuse and superior cleaning power of microfiber cloths add up to big savings compared to the constant repurchasing of paper towels. A few microfiber cloths can eliminate the need for piles of paper towels.

Tips for Using Microfiber Cloths

Here are my top tips for making microfiber part of your cleaning routine:

  • Have different cloths for different purposes – Use certain colors just for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting, etc. This prevents cross-contamination.

  • Wash after each use – Machine wash microfiber cloths after each use with hot water. Avoid fabric softener as it coats fibers.

  • Fold flat or roll to dry – Tumble dry on low or hang dry fully open. Avoid wadding up microfiber when wet.

  • Don’t use bleach or fabric softener – Bleach damages microfiber and softener reduces effectiveness. Use vinegar in the rinse cycle instead.

  • Shake out cloths frequently when cleaning – This helps get rid of dirt so it isn’t pushed around.

  • Spot clean as needed – For dirty spots, pre-treat with a dab of diluted castile soap or hydrogen peroxide.

Real Life Example

I decided to give microfiber a try for one month in my home to see if it could replace paper towels. Here’s what I discovered:

  • I purchased a 12-pack of microfiber cloths for $16. This included multiple colors for different uses.
  • For the first week, I still found myself reaching for paper towels out of habit.
  • By week two, I relied solely on the microfiber cloths for all cleaning. No more paper towels!
  • I washed the cloths every couple of days as they got dirty. They came out looking brand new.
  • Over the month, I saved approximately $20 on not having to buy paper towels.
  • After a month, the microfiber cloths still look and work like new.

Making the switch to microfiber ended up being really simple. And it feels great knowing I’m reducing waste!

Final Thoughts

Microfiber cloths are a multipurpose cleaning tool that can slash your paper towel consumption. Their durability and cleaning power make them a worthwhile investment for any eco-conscious household. With some new cleaning habits, microfiber offers an easy way to cut down on waste. Give it a try – your wallet and the planet will thank you!

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