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Make Mould A Thing Of The Past

March 3, 2024
Make Mould A Thing Of The Past

Mould can be a frustrating problem in any home. As a homeowner, I’ve learned that mould growth is inevitable in humid environments, but it doesn’t have to take over. With some simple preventative measures and prompt remediation when mould appears, we can make mould a thing of the past.

What Causes Mould In The First Place?

Mould spores are present in virtually all environments. Mould grows when excess moisture allows the spores to germinate and multiply. The key factors leading to mould growth include:

  • Moisture – From leaks, flooding, condensation, or high humidity. Mould needs moisture to sprout and thrive.

  • Organic materials – Mould feeds on materials like wood, paper, carpet, drywall, insulation, etc.

  • Poor ventilation – Stagnant air allows moisture to accumulate and isn’t dispersed.

  • Warm temperatures – Most mould grows best in warmer temps between 40-100°F.

So if we control moisture and ventilation while promptly fixing any water intrusion issues, we can prevent mould from getting a foothold in the first place.

How To Prevent Mould Growth

Here are some key tips I follow to prevent mould growth in my home:

  • Reduce indoor humidity – Use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans. Ideal indoor humidity is below 50%.

  • Increase air circulation – Let air flow into all areas to avoid stagnation. Open windows when possible.

  • Fix leaks ASAP – Don’t let water intrusion persist. Seal leaks and repair damage quickly.

  • Insulate cold surfaces – Prevent condensation on cold pipes, windows, exterior walls.

  • Vent moisture sources – Use range hoods, vent clothes dryers outside. Don’t air dry laundry indoors.

  • Clean and disinfect – Use mold killing products regularly in bathrooms, basements and other high-moisture areas.

What To Do If Mould Appears

If I do spot mould growth, I take action right away:

  • Wear protective gear – respirator, gloves, goggles. Mould can trigger allergic reactions.

  • Fix the moisture source – This is key to stop mould from recurring.

  • Contain and isolate the area. Close doors and use plastic sheeting.

  • Remove or clean contaminated materials. Wood, drywall, carpet may need replacement.

  • Scrub surfaces with detergent and water. Use mold killing solutions.

  • Completely dry areas before rebuilding. Use dehumidifiers and fans.

  • Be sure to discard any porous materials that remained damp for over 48 hours.

When To Call In A Professional

I involve professional mold remediation contractors if:

  • Mold growth is extensive (more than 10 square feet)

  • It occurs in HVAC systems, behind walls or in hard to reach areas

  • I have health issues that prevent me from doing the work safely

  • Mold keeps recurring despite my cleanup efforts

The pros have specialized tools, protective equipment and expertise to fully eliminate mould and prevent regrowth. They can also assess if there is hidden mold behind walls or under materials that I can’t see.


With vigilance and prompt action, I can successfully prevent most mould issues in my home. Controlling moisture and fixing problems quickly keeps mould in check. But if it does take hold, I take immediate steps to remove mould safely and prevent future growth. With proper prevention and remediation, mould doesn’t have to take over or come back.

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