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Make Light Work Of Cleaning High Windows And Ceilings

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Make Light Work Of Cleaning High Windows And Ceilings

Cleaning high windows and ceilings can seem like an impossible chore. Ladders may not reach high enough and balancing on a ladder to clean overhead surfaces can feel precarious. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can make light work of cleaning high windows and ceilings.

Assess The Cleaning Situation

Before attempting any high cleaning, take time to assess the cleaning situation thoroughly. Consider the following factors:

Height And Accessibility

  • Measure the height of the windows/ceiling area to clean. Ensure your ladder extends high enough to reach them comfortably.

  • Check for any obstacles or protrusions that may make accessing the area difficult. Remove any moveable items to clear a path.

  • For very high or hard-to-reach spots, consider renting an extension ladder or using a telescopic pole cleaner.

Cleaning Needs

  • Examine the level of dirt buildup on windows and ceilings. Areas exposed to weather may need more intensive cleaning.

  • Determine if you just need to spot clean dirty areas or do an overall deep clean. This affects the cleaning time required.

  • Decide if a simple dusting is sufficient or if scrubbing and washing is needed. Have the right cleaning solutions ready.

Safety Concerns

  • Clean windows and ceilings on a dry, sunny day. Avoid slippery conditions from rain or dew.

  • Use a sturdy, appropriate ladder and place it securely. Have someone support the ladder.

  • Wear slip-resistant shoes and gloves for grip. Attach buckets to ladders to keep hands free.

  • For ceiling cleaning, drape and secure tarps to catch drips and debris.

Use The Right Tools

Having the right high cleaning tools makes a big difference in safety and efficiency. Stock up on:

Ladders And Reachers

  • Extension ladders – These allow you to safely reach roofs and second story windows. Get help moving heavy models.

  • Telescoping multi-use poles – Attach heads like squeegees, dusters or scrub brushes. Great for hard-to-reach spots.

  • Window squeegees and scrapers – Use these to agitate dirt and scrape debris from window surfaces.

Cleaning Solutions

  • All-purpose cleaner – For general window and ceiling dirt and grime removal.

  • Glass cleaner – Clear dust, fingerprints and residue off windows to make them sparkle.

  • Mild soap and water – For scrubbing caked-on dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Protective Gear

  • Gloves – For grip and to protect hands from chemicals. Get rubber gloves for wet cleaning.

  • Goggles and mask – When working with strong chemicals or creatingfalling debris.

  • Tarps – Spread tarps when working on ceilings to catch drips and loosened dirt.

Use Proper Techniques

With the right preparation and gear, the actual cleaning is straightforward. Follow these techniques:

Work From The Top Down

  • Always start cleaning from the top and make your way down. This avoids drips and streaks on already cleaned lower areas.

  • Do ceiling cleaning before windows to prevent dirty ceiling water from dirtying windows.

Use Extenders For Hard-To-Reach Spots

  • Use squeegee poles and extendable dusters for out-of-reach ceiling corners or tops of windows.

  • Attach a microfiber cloth to reach tiny spaces between window panes.

Rinse Windows And Ceilings Thoroughly

  • Always rinse completely after applying any cleaning solutions. Residual streaks look awful on windows and can damage ceilings.

  • Use a window squeegee and plenty of water for a final wipe down.

Consider Hiring A Professional

For extremely tall commercial buildings or private homes with multi-story windows, consider hiring a professional window cleaning crew. They have special equipment like:

  • Swing staging – Suspended platforms that lower cleaners from rooftops.

  • Water-fed poles – Telescope to heights over 60 feet using pure water.

  • Rope descent systems – Allow controlled rappelling down buildings.

Though challenging, cleaning high windows and ceilings is very doable with preparation and the right tools. Work methodically and safely. The results will brighten up your space!

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