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Make Cleaning High Spaces a Breeze

March 5, 2024

Make Cleaning High Spaces a Breeze

Cleaning high, hard-to-reach spaces like tall shelves, ceiling fans, and upper walls can be a pain. But with the right tools and techniques, you can make cleaning overhead a breeze. Here’s how to make cleaning high spaces quick and easy.

Use a Telescoping Duster

A telescoping duster is a must-have for cleaning high areas. These dusters extend from a few feet to over 10 feet, allowing you to dust shelves, rafters, ceiling fans, and more from the floor. Telescoping dusters have soft, fluffy heads that attract and trap dust.

To use a telescoping duster:

  • Extend the duster to the desired length.
  • Gently run the duster head over surfaces to collect dust.
  • Compress the duster when finished and wipe clean or wash the head.

Telescoping dusters allow you to clean overhead without climbing a ladder. Their adjustable length makes dusting ceilings a cinch.

Invest in a Quality Ladder

For cleaning tasks like washing walls and windows, you’ll need more than a duster. A sturdy, safe ladder is essential for accessing heights.

Consider getting:

  • A small step ladder for low-level jobs.
  • A taller extension ladder for two-story rooms.
  • A multi-position ladder that can be configured as a step ladder or extended ladder.

When using any ladder, follow safety precautions:

  • Place it on a stable, level surface.
  • Maintain three points of contact while climbing.
  • Don’t overreach – keep your belt buckle inside the ladder rails.
  • Have someone spot you when using an extension ladder.

The right ladder takes the danger out of high cleaning. Invest in a high-quality brand and take precautions every time you climb.

Use Long-Handled Cleaning Tools

Specialized cleaning tools with extra-long handles allow you to scrub hard-to-reach spots from the floor or a short ladder. Useful long-handled tools include:

  • Ceiling dusters – Fluffy dusters on poles clean cobwebs and dust.
  • Light bulb changers – Bulb grippers on poles make changing overhead lights easy.
  • Window squeegees – Squeegees on long handles make quick work of high windows.
  • Scrub brushes – Long-handled scrub brushes clean walls, ceilings, windows and more.

Look for telescoping tools that extend from 3 to 6 feet. Bring a small ladder for reaching very high spots. Long-handled cleaners give you power from the floor.

Use a Powerful Handheld Vacuum

For cleaning ceiling corners, drapes, ceiling fan blades and other high spots, a handheld vacuum can’t be beat. Hand vacs are:

  • Lightweight – Easy to maneuver overhead.
  • Compact – Fit in tight spaces.
  • Cordless – Allow you to move around freely.

Look for units with detachable extensions to vacuum ceiling cobwebs and brush attachments to clean fan blades.

To vacuum overhead:

  • Use a ladder or step stool to safely reach.
  • Attach desired nozzle and vacuum crevices in a zigzag pattern.
  • Take extra care when cleaning ceiling fans – turn off power first!

Handheld vacuums give you serious cleaning strength in compact packages perfect for high spaces.

Work Safely

Above all, exercise extreme caution when cleaning overhead.

  • Use ladders according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Move slowly and deliberately on ladders.
  • Have someone home to spot you when using tall ladders or stairs.
  • Turn off power to lights and fans before cleaning them.
  • Never overextend – it’s better to get down and reposition ladders.

Rushing causes accidents, so allow enough time and focus on safety. The right tools and careful approach make cleaning high spaces quick, thorough and hazard-free.

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