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Make Cleaning High Ceilings a Breeze

March 5, 2024

Make Cleaning High Ceilings a Breeze

Cleaning high ceilings can seem like an impossible task. With the right tools and techniques, however, it can actually be quite simple. Here’s how to make cleaning high ceilings a breeze.

Assess the Situation

Before getting started, take a close look at the ceiling to determine what needs to be cleaned.

  • Check for cobwebs in corners and where the ceiling meets the walls. Cobwebs are common in high places and indicate the ceiling likely needs a deep clean.

  • Look for dust buildup. Run your finger along the ceiling. If it comes back dirty, dusting is needed.

  • Inspect for stains. Water stains, smoke damage, or other discoloration may require special treatment.

  • Consider when the ceiling was last cleaned. If it’s been awhile, a thorough cleaning is probably overdue.

Gather the Proper Supplies

Cleaning high ceilings requires some specialized tools. Here’s what I recommend having on hand:

  • Telescoping duster. This allows you to reach ceilings up to 20 feet high. Look for one with a soft, removable head to trap dust.

  • Vacuum with extension tubes. Attach these to reach high corners and edges.

  • Stepladder. A sturdy 4-6 foot ladder allows you to access the entire ceiling area. Make sure it’s tall enough for you to reach the ceiling without having to stand on the top rung.

  • Dusting mitt. For wiping down flat ceiling expanses once dust is removed. I prefer microfiber for its electrostatic properties that attract and hold dust.

  • Stain-fighting spray (for water stains, smoke residue, etc.). Choose an appropriate cleaner for the type of stain present.

Dust the Entire Surface

With the right tools gathered, it’s time to get cleaning. Here is the process I follow:

  1. Use the telescoping duster to remove any cobwebs from corners and edges.

  2. Attach extension tubes to the vacuum and thoroughly vacuum ceilings starting from one side of the room and working your way across. Pay special attention to corners and edges.

  3. Once dust is removed, use the damp dusting mitt to wipe down flat ceiling areas. I recommend starting from the window side of the room so natural light helps spot any missed areas. Change mitt pads frequently to prevent redepositing grime.

  4. Use a clean, dry mitt to wipe down the entire surface once more. This removes any moisture left behind.

Treat Stains and Discoloration

For stained or discolored areas, special treatment is needed:

  • Water stains – Use a stain-blocking primer before repainting the spot.

  • Smoke stains – Wipe down with tsp cleaner or vinegar solution before priming and repainting.

  • Mildew stains – Apply mildew cleaner before painting. Improve ventilation to prevent recurrence.

Test stain treatments in an inconspicuous spot first. Thoroughly rinse and allow to fully dry before painting. Match paint sheen and color as closely as possible.

Maintain Cleanliness

To keep high ceilings looking their best:

  • Vacuum cobwebs every few weeks before they accumulate.

  • Dust ceilings seasonally along with routine seasonal cleaning. Spring and fall are good times.

  • Check for developing stains regularly and treat promptly before they spread or soak in.

  • Consider installing ceiling fans to circulate air. Stagnant air allows dust to settle.

With minimal time invested on a regular basis, I’m able to keep my high ceilings looking like new. Following these steps makes the process quick, easy and effective.

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