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Make chores fun! Creative ways to get kids cleaning

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Make chores fun! Creative ways to get kids cleaning


As a parent, I understand the struggle of motivating kids to clean. Chores are often seen as tedious and boring, leading to resistance and frustration. However, the solution lies in reframing these tasks as fun and engaging activities. In this article, I’ll share creative ways to transform cleaning into a delightful experience for your children, fostering a sense of responsibility and joy along the way.

Turn Chores into Games

One of the most effective strategies to make chores fun is to turn them into games. Children – thrive on playfulness, and incorporating games into cleaning tasks can make a world of difference.

The Cleaning Race

The cleaning race – is a classic game that can be adapted to various chores. I set a timer and challenge my kids to see who can clean their room the fastest. The winner gets a small prize or a special treat, making the task more exciting and competitive.

The Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt – is another engaging game that works well for decluttering and organizing. I create a list of items to find and put away, such as toys, books, or clothes, and the kids race against each other to complete the hunt. This not only makes cleaning fun but also helps develop their observation and organizational skills.

The Dance Cleaning Party

The dance cleaning party – is a great way to combine physical activity with cleaning. I turn on some upbeat music and encourage my kids to dance and groove while they tidy up their spaces. Not only does this make cleaning more enjoyable, but it also gets them moving and burning off some energy.

Assign Cleaning Themes

Adding themes to cleaning tasks can spark creativity and make the experience more engaging for kids. Here are some theme ideas to try:

Superheroes to the Rescue

The superheroes to the rescue theme – involves giving each child a superhero persona and assigning them specific cleaning missions. For example, “Captain Clean” might be responsible for tidying up the living room, while “The Dust Buster” tackles the shelves and surfaces.

The Cleaning Safari

The cleaning safari theme – transforms your home into a jungle adventure. Kids can pretend to be explorers on a mission to “capture” and organize toys, clothes, or any misplaced items they encounter.

The Cleaning Spa

The cleaning spa theme – encourages kids to pamper their living spaces. They can create homemade cleaning solutions, use soft cloths for “massaging” surfaces, and even play relaxing spa music while they work.

Implement Reward Systems

Rewards can be powerful motivators for kids, and incorporating them into cleaning routines can make the tasks more appealing. Here are some reward system ideas:

Sticker Charts

Sticker charts – are a classic reward system that works wonders for younger kids. Each time they complete a chore or cleaning task, they get to add a sticker to their chart. Once they reach a certain number of stickers, they earn a special reward or privilege.

Point Systems

Point systems – are great for older kids. Assign points for different cleaning tasks, and let them accumulate points towards a desired reward, such as a special outing, a toy, or a movie night.

The Cleaning Jar

The cleaning jar – is a fun and visual way to track progress. Every time a child completes a chore, they get to add a pom-pom, marble, or small token to a designated jar. Once the jar is full, they earn a reward.

Make it a Team Effort

Cleaning can be more enjoyable when it’s a collaborative effort. Encourage teamwork and make it a family affair by implementing the following strategies:

Family Cleaning Challenges

Family cleaning challenges – involve setting a timer and working together to tackle a specific area or task. For example, you could challenge your family to clean the living room in 15 minutes, with each person assigned a specific task. Celebrate your success with a fun treat or activity afterward.

The Cleaning Playlist

The cleaning playlist – is a great way to bond and create lasting memories while cleaning. Take turns letting each family member choose their favorite songs, creating a shared playlist that makes cleaning more enjoyable.

The Cleaning Relay

The cleaning relay – involves dividing tasks and passing them along from one family member to the next. For instance, one person might start by picking up toys, the next person organizes them, and the last person puts them away in their designated spots.


Transforming chores into fun and engaging activities can have a profound impact on your children’s attitudes towards cleaning. By incorporating games, themes, reward systems, and teamwork, you can create a positive and enjoyable cleaning experience for the whole family. Remember, the key is to tap into your children’s natural inclination towards play and creativity, making cleaning an enjoyable and rewarding journey for everyone involved.

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