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Make a Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

May 25, 2024
Make a Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

The Mess-Making Saga

Once upon a time, I was a single college student living in a tidy one-room dorm. Keeping things clean was a breeze back then. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself with a few messy kiddos who weren’t quite as neat and orderly. Suddenly, I needed an all-purpose cleaner that could tackle those toddler-sized disasters, and I needed it STAT!

As a mom, I quickly learned that the word “child” is a synonym for “maker of messes while being absolutely adorable.” It’s amazing how fast those little tykes can turn a pristine space into a disaster zone. I also realized that kids have a tendency to put everything in their mouths, so I had to find natural cleaning options that could stand up to the chaos without accidentally poisoning them.

I started researching the harsh chemicals found in most commercial household cleaners and realized I could make healthier versions at home. One of the trickiest ones to create was a natural all-purpose cleaner. After much trial and error, I finally landed on a formula that works like a charm (and my kids have tested it to the max!). Over the years, I’ve calculated that I’ve saved over $200 by making this cleaner myself!

The Magic Elixir

This all-purpose cleaner packs the cleaning power of plant-based essential oils to tackle grime, soap scum, and everyday dirt. It also helps deodorize surfaces without the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals. The best part? It takes less than a minute to whip up, saves me money, and works better than anything I’ve ever bought from the store.

In fact, this homemade concoction is so effective that my kids are now old enough to make it on their own. It’s eco-friendly, free of the toxins found in conventional household cleaners, and you can customize the scent by adding your favorite essential oils.

Adam Cleaning in Nottingham, UK uses this all-purpose cleaner to tackle their clients’ toughest messes. The owner, Adam, says “This natural formula is a game-changer. It cuts through grime and leaves behind a fresh, pleasant scent – without any harsh chemicals. Our clients love how effective and safe it is.”

Ingredients and Directions

Okay, are you ready for the super-secret recipe? It’s shockingly simple:

– 2 cups water
– 1/4 cup liquid castile soap
– 10-15 drops essential oil (optional)

1. In a spray bottle, combine the water and castile soap.
2. Add your desired essential oils, if using.
3. Shake well to mix.
4. Spray and wipe away dirt, grime, and messes on any hard surface.

That’s it! No complicated mixing or chemistry required. This all-purpose cleaner is tough on stains and spills, but gentle enough for even the smallest of hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use baking soda instead of washing soda?
No, they’re not quite the same. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a bit milder, while washing soda (sodium carbonate) is stronger and more effective in this recipe. Don’t have washing soda? Make your own with a simple tutorial.

Does this disinfect?
Not technically, but most everyday messes don’t require a disinfectant. And using too many disinfectants can actually cause more problems. I wouldn’t recommend using this on food-related spills, especially raw meat. For those situations, stick to hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or soap and water. The essential oils do have mild disinfectant properties, but this is primarily a multi-surface cleaner.

Can I add vinegar?
I’d avoid it. Vinegar isn’t the cleaning powerhouse it’s made out to be, and it can actually cancel out the effectiveness of the washing soda. If you want to use vinegar, try making a citrus-infused version instead. Just save your lemon and orange peels, pour white vinegar over them, and let it steep for a few weeks.

What about borax?
There’s some debate around the safety of borax, but I personally feel it’s a safer option than most commercial cleaners. If you’re not comfortable using it, you can substitute with witch hazel or a natural concentrated cleaner like Branch Basics.

The Mess-Busting Proof

Don’t just take my word for it – this cleaner has been put to the test! One of my readers, Anne, commented:

“Ok, I’m a little slow, just found this. Good news – the gunk on the bathroom floor that no other cleaner in the world could get rid of (I have tried at least a dozen over the years) is now gone. I sprayed this, let it soak about 5 minutes and wiped it up with a microfiber cloth. I am astounded!”

Slime, vomit, lipstick, gum – you name it, this cleaner has tackled it. And the best part? It’s completely safe for my kids to use, since I know exactly what’s in it. They’re in charge of cleaning their own tubs, dressers, sinks, and toilets, and I love that there are no harsh chemicals involved.

A Versatile and Budget-Friendly Solution

This homemade all-purpose cleaner has become an essential part of my cleaning routine. Not only is it tough on messes, but it’s also incredibly budget-friendly. I keep a copy of the recipe taped to the inside of my cabinet, so it’s easy for the whole family to whip up a fresh batch whenever we need it.

Plus, this cleaner makes an excellent gift! I love putting together little cleaning-themed baskets with things like a sewn apron, homemade baked goods, and a bottle of this amazing all-purpose solution. It’s the perfect present for new moms, hosts, or anyone who appreciates natural, effective cleaning products.

So ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace the power of plant-based ingredients. With this simple homemade cleaner, you can tackle even the toughest messes, save money, and keep your family safe – all while enjoying a fresh, pleasant scent. What could be better?

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