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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Tidy

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Tidy

Make a Daily Cleaning Routine

Keeping my kitchen clean starts with following a daily cleaning routine. Each morning, I make sure to:

  • Wash the dishes from the night before and put them away. I find washing dishes right after using them prevents food from drying on and makes cleaning easier.
  • Wipe down countertops. I use an all-purpose cleaner or vinegar and water solution to remove any crumbs or spills from meal prep and cooking.
  • Sweep the floors. Sweeping daily keeps my floors free of dirt, crumbs, and debris that can accumulate.
  • Take out the trash and recycling. I empty the small bins around my kitchen so waste doesn’t pile up.

Following this quick routine takes me less than 10 minutes but makes a big difference in keeping my kitchen tidy. I find staying on top of small cleaning tasks prevents messes from building up.

Do a Weekly Deep Clean

While daily cleaning keeps surfaces and floors tidy, I also need to do a more thorough cleaning of my kitchen once a week. My weekly deep cleaning checklist includes:

  • Cleaning appliances: I wipe down the exterior of appliances including my refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. For stainless steel appliances, I use a stainless steel cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Cleaning the sink: I use a sink-specific cleaner or baking soda and vinegar to scrub the kitchen sink basin, faucet, and drain area.
  • Mopping floors: I fill my mop bucket with hot water and floor cleaner and mop the kitchen floor. Getting into corners and along edges helps capture dirt.
  • Cleaning cabinets: I wipe down cabinet fronts, handles, and the interior shelves using an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths.
  • Cleaning the trash can: I take out the garbage bag and spray down the empty can with a disinfecting cleaner.

Doing these cleaning tasks on the weekend allows me to do a more thorough job without feeling rushed. It brings my kitchen back to a sparkling, germ-free state.

Declutter Regularly

Clutter is one of the biggest contributors to a messy, unorganized kitchen. I try to spend a few minutes each day decluttering by:

  • Putting away items left out on counters like mail, keys, and gadgets.
  • Organizing dishware, pots, pans, and containers that have piled up after washing.
  • Tossing perishable food items that have gone bad like fruits, veggies, and leftovers.
  • Grouping like items together and storing them appropriately.

Taking time to declutter prevents my kitchen surfaces from becoming cluttered dumping grounds. Maintaining organized cabinets, drawers, and pantries also makes cooking and meal prep more efficient.

I also try to do a major kitchen decluttering session each month where I:

  • Go through cabinets and get rid of duplicate, unused, and unneeded kitchen items.
  • Check expiration dates on food items and toss anything that is past date.
  • Donate any extra dishware, appliances, or utensils I no longer need.
  • Rearrange cabinets and drawers so better organization systems are in place.

Make Cleaning Convenient

In order for my kitchen to stay clean on a consistent basis, I need to make cleaning quick and convenient. Some helpful strategies I implement include:

  • Keeping cleaning supplies organized: I store sprays, soaps, brushes, and cloths together under the sink so everything is at my fingertips when I need to clean.
  • Using paper towels and cloths: I make sure to always have paper towels stocked for quick clean ups. I also have a stash of reusable microfiber cloths for more involved cleaning tasks.
  • Doing dishes frequently: I try not to let dirty dishes pile up by washing them right after cooking and meals.
  • Taking out trash and recycling often: I have small trash bins throughout my kitchen that I empty daily so waste doesn’t accumulate.
  • Cleaning spills right away: I keep a roll of paper towels on my counter so I can clean up spills and messes as soon as they happen before they spread or get sticky and hard to clean.

Having cleaning tools and supplies ready to go encourages me to clean up little messes in the moment rather than letting them build up.

Enlist Help from Others

Maintaining a clean kitchen is easier when everyone pitched in. Since other family members use the kitchen, I make sure to:

  • Set expectations: I communicate that everyone should clean up after themselves, especially after making meals. We all share responsibility in keeping our home tidy.
  • Create a chore chart: I write out basic cleaning tasks and rotate them between family members so everyone contributes.
  • Lead by example: I model good habits like washing dishes right away and wiping up spills to show how each of us can help.
  • Express appreciation: I thank family members who help keep our kitchen clean to show I notice their efforts.

Getting help from others makes the job of cleaning lighter and more manageable. It also leads to a sense of shared responsibility so our kitchen stays clean.

Stay on Top of Clutter Hot Spots

Certain areas in my kitchen tend to collect clutter quickly. I pay extra attention to stay on top of these hot spots:

  • Kitchen counters: I put everything away instead of leaving items like mail and keys out. I also immediately deal with clutter accumulating from cooking like dirty dishes, food packages, and leftovers.
  • Kitchen table: I declutter mail, papers, and other items after each meal so my table doesn’t become a disorganized pile. Crumbs and spills also get wiped up right away.
  • Entryway: I hang up coats, store shoes, and put away items brought into the kitchen like bags and sports equipment so the entry doesn’t get overloaded.
  • Appliances: My appliances like the microwave, stovetop, and oven top get wiped down frequently to control splatters and drips from cooking.

Giving extra focus to messy areas helps control the chaos. My kitchen stays much cleaner when I don’t let clutter build up in these hot spots.

Perform Seasonal Deep Cleaning

I also take time to do deep seasonal cleans of my kitchen:

  • Spring: I declutter shelves, cabinets, and drawers. I donate unused kitchen items and organize everything neatly.

  • Summer: I take everything out of the pantry and refrigerator and give them a deep clean. I check expiration dates and toss expired food.

  • Fall: I clean appliances like the oven, refrigerator coils, dishwasher, and microwave inside and out. I scrub down walls, floors, windows, and light fixtures too.

  • Winter: I declutter china, plasticware, glassware, and extra cooking tools and give them a thorough cleaning. I also deep clean the sink, empty out cabinets, and sanitize surfaces.

Doing intensive seasonal cleaning helps reset my kitchen to a like-new condition. It keeps my kitchen looking its best year-round.

Keeping a clean, organized kitchen does require effort but having daily and weekly cleaning habits makes it manageable. Decluttering regularly, getting help from family, and doing seasonal deep cleans also keeps my kitchen in great shape long-term. Staying on top of cleaning and clutter makes cooking and spending time in my kitchen so much more enjoyable.

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