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How to Clean Walls, Ceilings and Hard to Reach Places

March 3, 2024
How to Clean Walls, Ceilings and Hard to Reach Places

Keeping walls, ceilings, and hard to reach places clean can seem daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how to effectively clean these tricky areas in your home.

Gather the Right Cleaning Tools and Products

To clean walls and ceilings, you’ll need:

  • A long-handled duster – Allows you to reach corners and ceiling edges
  • A telescoping duster – Extends to reach high ceilings and fans
  • A wall washing tool – Has a handle and sponge pad to scrub walls
  • A ladder or step stool – Provides access to ceilings and high walls
  • Mild soap and water – For washing most wall surfaces
  • Vinegar solution – Helps cut through grease; mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water

For hard to reach places, useful tools include:

  • Microfiber cloths – Great for dusting nooks and crannies
  • Extendable dusters – Telescope out to reach tight spaces
  • Vacuum attachments – Crevice tools and brush nozzles access small gaps
  • Cotton swabs – Help clean around switches, vents and trim
  • Can of compressed air – Blows away dust and debris

Make sure you have the appropriate cleaning solutions on hand as well, such as all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaner, disinfecting wipes, etc.

Clean Walls Properly

Here are some tips for effectively cleaning walls:

  • Dust first – Use a microfiber duster on a pole to remove any loose dust and cobwebs. This prevents spreading dust around while cleaning.

  • Vacuum – For carpeted walls or wall hangings, use the brush attachment to vacuum up dust and dirt.

  • Wash – Dip your wall washing tool or sponge mop in your soap and water solution and scrub walls. Work in sections for the best coverage.

  • Rinse – Use a clean sponge mop and clean water to rinse soap residue off walls. Change rinse water frequently.

  • Spot clean – Use a cleaning paste of baking soda and water to scrub away stubborn dirt or grime.

  • Disinfect – Wipe walls down with disinfecting wipes or cleaning spray to kill germs and bacteria. Let walls air dry completely.

Clean Ceilings Thoroughly

Cleaning ceilings requires a few special considerations:

  • Use a telescoping duster to reach ceiling corners and edges.

  • Climb a ladder or use a step stool to access the entire ceiling area. Be careful not to overextend or lean too far.

  • Dampen a microfiber cloth or duster sleeve to collect dust and cobwebs.

  • Use a ceiling fan brush on a pole to clean fan blades and lights.

  • Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle to cut through grease and grime on ceilings. Let it sit before wiping clean.

  • For ceiling mold or mildew, use a solution of equal parts vinegar and borax. Scrub with a sponge mop and rinse.

  • Replace HVAC air filters regularly to prevent dust buildup on ceilings.

Target Hard to Reach Spots

Here are some strategies for cleaning tricky nooks, crannies, and high spaces:

  • Use a handheld vacuum with a crevice tool to suction out dust from tight spots like wall trim, vents, baseboards and under appliances.

  • Attach vacuum brush nozzles to get into narrow openings between furniture and walls.

  • Telescoping dusters are ideal for reaching the tops of door frames, ceiling fans, and shelves.

  • Microfiber cloths grab dust from balusters, wall sconces, and picture frames.

  • Cotton swabs come in handy for cleaning around switches, outlets, and sliding door tracks.

  • Compressed air blows away cobwebs in corners, from window treatments, and between appliances.

  • Extendable squeegees help clean inside glass light fixtures and ceiling fan globes.

With the right tools and techniques, you can keep even hard to reach spots clean. Just take your time on ladders, work in sections, and don’t overextend yourself. A routine cleaning makes maintaining walls, ceilings and nooks much more manageable.

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