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Give Your Window Treatments a Deep Clean for More Sunshine

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Give Your Window Treatments a Deep Clean for More Sunshine

Why Deep Clean Your Window Treatments?

Cleaning your window treatments regularly is important for several reasons:

Let More Light In

Over time, dust, dirt, and other debris can build up on your window treatments, blocking sunlight from entering your home. A deep clean will remove this buildup, allowing more natural light to shine through. More sunlight brightens up your home and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Improve Air Quality

Dust and allergens like pollen and pet dander cling to window treatments. When circulated through your home, these particles can worsen allergies and affect your indoor air quality. Deep cleaning gets rid of dust and allergens, leading to a healthier home environment.

Prolong Lifespan

Grime buildup wears down fabrics over time. A thorough deep cleaning can extend the lifespan of your window treatments by removing abrasive particles before they cause premature wear and tear.

Enhance Appearance

Nothing freshens up a room like sparkling clean window treatments! A deep clean restores vibrancy to faded fabrics. Your windows will look cleaner, colors will appear brighter, and you may notice less visible dirt buildup over time.

How To Deep Clean Window Treatments

Follow these steps to thoroughly deep clean your window treatments:

Vacuum First

Use the brush or upholstery attachment on your vacuum to remove loose dust and debris from the fabric. Vacuum both sides of the window treatments. Vacuuming first cuts down on the amount of dirt the fabrics are immersed in during washing.

Check Fabric Care Labels

Inspect fabric care labels for cleaning instructions. Common window treatment fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester are usually machine washable, but delicate materials like silk may require dry cleaning.

Wash in Mild Detergent

For machine washable fabrics, launder in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a small amount of mild detergent and add 1⁄2 cup of white vinegar to help kill bacteria and odors.

Air Dry

Never put window treatments in the dryer! The heat can damage fibers and cause shrinkage. Instead, hang treatments on a clothesline or drying rack outside or lay flat to air dry inside.

Steam or Iron

Once fully dry, use a steamer or iron on a low heat setting to smooth out wrinkles and help fabrics hang properly again.

Spot Clean as Needed

Inspect for any stubborn spots or stains. Use a small amount of mild detergent and a soft brush or sponge to gently spot clean marks by hand. Rinse and air dry before steaming or ironing.

Add Fabric Refresher

Lightly mist treatments with an odor eliminating fabric refresher spray. This leaves fabrics smelling fresh without the need to re-wash.

Top Window Treatment Cleaning Tips

Follow these expert recommendations for best results when deep cleaning window treatments:

  • Wash curtains in batches based on color so dye won’t bleed between fabrics.

  • Check for damage like tears or loose hems and repair before washing to prevent further issues.

  • For delicate sheer panels, spot clean by hand instead of fully washing to avoid snags.

  • Wash lined curtains inside out so the liner protects embellished outer fabric.

  • Add 1-2 dryer balls to the washing machine drum to help agitate and lift dirt.

  • Group multiple lightweight treatments in a mesh bag for washing to prevent tangling.

  • Dry outside on warmer days when possible – the fresh air helps remove odors.

  • Set your iron to cotton or linen setting based on fabric type to avoid scorching.

  • Rotate collections between rooms so the same treatments aren’t subjected to light damage for too long.

Giving your window treatments a periodic deep clean revives their look and function in your home. Follow these guidelines to keep your curtains, drapes and sheers looking their best while filtering in more sunshine!

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