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Get Your Windows Spotless for Spring

March 4, 2024

Get Your Windows Spotless for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to give your windows some TLC after a long winter. Clean windows make your home look brighter and feel more welcoming when the warmer months arrive. Follow these tips to get your windows looking their best this spring.

Assess Your Windows’ Condition

Before cleaning, inspect each window inside and out. Look for:

  • Dirt – Dust, grime, debris
  • Streaks – From rain, minerals, cleaners
  • Smudges – From hands, faces, pets
  • Labels/Stickers – Left over from installation
  • Paint Specks – From other projects
  • Insect and bird droppings

Make notes on the condition of each window so I know which need extra attention during cleaning.

Gather Your Supplies

I will need the following supplies to thoroughly clean my windows:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Soft sponge or rag
  • Squeegee
  • Mild dish soap
  • Window cleaning spray
  • Razor blade/plastic scraper
  • Ladder
  • Old toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Glass cleaner

Avoid using anything too abrasive when cleaning windows to prevent scratches.

Know the Proper Method

Cleaning windows isn’t just wiping a cloth around the glass. Follow these steps to clean them right:

  1. Rinse the window with water using a spray bottle. This helps loosen dirt.
  2. Apply window cleaner to the glass.
  3. Use a soft cloth, sponge or squeegee to clean the interior window surfaces. I should:
  4. Wipe in “S” shaped motions horizontally first.
  5. Wipe top to bottom second.
  6. Buff dry with paper towels or microfiber cloth.
  7. For exterior windows:
  8. Start at the top corner and work down and over using same “S” method.
  9. Wipe excess cleaner with squeegee horizontally then vertically.
  10. Let the window fully air dry.

Take care around window edges and frames to remove all dirt and debris.

Remove Stickers, Paint and Streaks

For labels, stickers, and paint specks use a plastic scraper or razor blade at an angle to gently lift off. Go slowly to avoid scratching the glass.

For streaks or mineral deposits from hard water use undiluted white vinegar. Spray on and let sit for several minutes before wiping away.

If using a specialty glass cleaner doesn’t remove all streaks, try:

  • 1 tbsp. dish soap + 1 qt. water OR
  • 1 tbsp. ammonia + 1 qt. water

Get to the Hard to Reach Spots

Use the following tools for cleaning hard to reach areas:

  • Telescoping duster – Extends to clean top of windows.
  • Vacuum brush attachment – Sucks up dust/debris in window tracks.
  • Cotton swabs – Cleans in crevices and window sills.
  • Old toothbrush – Scrubs stuck-on gunk.

Take time to clean edges, sills, tracks and screens thoroughly.

Finish with a Final Polish

Once all interior and exterior window surfaces are clean:

  • Wipe down window frames, sills and tracks to remove built up dirt.
  • Vacuum and/or dust window treatments like curtains and blinds.
  • Apply a vinyl protectant to window frames to help repel dirt.
  • Consider applying a water repellent coating to exterior glass.

Stand back and admire the sparkling clean windows! Enjoy their streak-free shine as sunny spring days arrive.

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