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Get Your Kitchen Spotless: Floor to Ceiling

March 5, 2024

Get Your Kitchen Spotless: Floor to Ceiling

Clean and Organize Your Counters

Keeping your kitchen counters clutter-free and spotless makes cooking and preparing food so much easier. Here are some tips for getting counters clean:

  • Clear counters of everything. Only keep essential small appliances (coffee maker, mixer) you use daily. Store other items in cabinets or drawers. This prevents counters from getting cluttered.

  • Disinfect surfaces. Use a multi-surface cleaner and wipe down counters at least once a day. For extra disinfecting power, use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution.

  • Remove stuck-on food and grime. Use a soft cloth, warm water and dish soap. For tougher grease stains, spray on degreaser and let sit before scrubbing.

  • De-crumb daily. Crumbs attract ants and other pests. Wipe down counters before bed to remove crumbs.

  • Organize items. Group like items together. Keep utensils/gadgets close to the stove in a utensil crock or drawer organizers.

  • Store appliances. Get appliances like stand mixers,Instant Pots off counters. Store in cabinets or pantry when not in use.

Keeping counters free of clutter and deep cleaned regularly makes your kitchen feel tidy and promotes better cooking habits.

Clean Inside Cabinets and Drawers

Kitchen cabinets easily get messy. Follow these tips to get them organized and spotless:

  • Empty everything out. Take out all food packages, containers, utensils. Wipe down shelves.

  • Toss expired items. Check expiration dates and discard old food. Donate unopened non-perishables to food pantries.

  • Clean surfaces. Use a degreasing spray and microfiber cloth to remove grime buildup from shelves and drawers.

  • Categorize items. Group like items – pastas, spices, canned goods. Return items organized by category.

  • Add drawer organizers. Use cutlery trays, compartment boxes to neatly organize utensils, gadgets.

  • Label containers. Use sticky labels to identify mystery food items like grains, flours.

  • Maintain organization. When putting new items away, return to proper category. Reorganize seasonally.

Regular cabinet cleaning keeps your kitchen hygienic. Proper organization minimizes clutter and makes cooking/baking easier.

Thoroughly Clean the Kitchen Sink

A clean, disinfected sink is essential for food prep. Follow this routine to get your sink spotless:

  • Clean daily. Use hot water, dish soap and a sponge to scrub away grease, crumbs and stains after each use.

  • Disinfect weekly. Spray sink with a multi-surface cleaner or DIY bleach solution. Let sit 5 minutes then rinse.

  • Remove hard water stains. Use baking soda and vinegar – make a paste and scrub stains away. Rinse thoroughly after.

  • Unclog drains. Prevent clogs by pouring 1/2 cup baking soda and vinegar down drain weekly. Use a zip-it tool to remove hair clogs.

  • Scrub garbage disposal. Grind lemon peels and ice to freshen disposal and remove grease buildup.

  • Clean faucet. Remove limescale on faucets with vinegar soaked rag. Rinse and dry faucet to prevent water spots.

  • Shine stainless steel. Rub a small amount of olive oil to create a protective barrier against water spots and rust.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting keeps your sink fresh and germ-free.

Scrub the Oven and Stovetop

Food splatter and grease make oven and stovetops dirty quickly. Follow these steps for spotless appliances:

  • Remove grates and burners. Soak in warm soapy water if heavily soiled. Use baking soda and vinegar paste to remove stubborn stains.

  • Clean oven racks. Place racks in bath tub and cover with towel soaked in hot water and dish soap. Let soak 30 minutes before scrubbing clean.

  • Steam clean oven. Place wet towel on oven bottom. Heat to 200F for 20 minutes. Foodresidue softens for easier removal. Wipe out oven with soap and water.

  • Clean stovetop. Use glass cleaner and razor to remove cooked-on food. For gas stoves, clean burners with a toothbrush and soapy water.

  • Remove grease buildup. Make baking soda paste with water. Spread on oven walls and bottom. Let sit overnight before wiping clean.

  • Disinfect. Spray appliance cleaner over entire oven and stovetop. Wipe down with clean cloth.

  • Make it shine. Buff stainless steel surfaces with olive oil and dry microfiber cloth.

Getting into all the nooks of ovens and stovetops takes some elbow grease but is worth it for a fresh, sanitary cooking space.

Clean Inside the Refrigerator

A spotless refrigerator helps food stay fresher longer. Follow these tips:

  • Toss expired foods. Check dates and dispose of anything spoiled.

  • Remove shelves and drawers. Wash removable parts in warm soapy water. Dry completely before replacing.

  • Clean surfaces. Use baking soda paste to remove stains. Disinfect with all-purpose cleaner.

  • Deodorize. Place opened box of baking soda or bowl of coffee grounds in fridge to absorb odors.

  • Organize food. Designate shelves for similar items. Keep produce in crisper drawers.

  • Clean door seals. Use a toothbrush and warm soapy water to remove mold and grime from rubber seals.

  • Dust condenser coils. Use vacuum attachment to remove dust from coils underneath or behind fridge.

  • Replace filters. Check refrigerator water filters every 6 months and replace if needed.

A spotless fridge helps keep food fresh longer. Be diligent about cleaning refrigerator coils too for energy efficiency.

Make Kitchen Floors Shine

Kitchen floors take a beating. Give them a deep clean with these tips:

  • Sweep and mop. Sweep to remove loose dirt. Mop using floor cleaner and microfiber mop head. Let air dry.

  • Remove grease stains. Sprinkle baking soda on grease stains. Pour vinegar and scrub with brush. Rinse with clean water.

  • Disinfect floor. Mop floor using a bleach and water solution. Rinse mop head frequently. Let air dry.

  • Clean grout. Use a grout brush and baking soda paste. Scrub grout lines and rinse.

  • Wax floor. Apply new coat of wax and buff to make floors shine. Re-wax every 3 months.

  • Shake rugs out. Take kitchen rugs outside and shake out debris and crumbs.

  • Replace as needed. If floors are badly stained/worn, consider new vinyl flooring. Easy to mop and water resistant.

With heavy daily use, kitchen floors need frequent sweeping, mopping and disinfecting to keep them looking their best.

Keep Appliances Spotless

Appliances like microwaves and coffee makers get grungy with splatters and drips. Follow these tips:

  • Microwave – Mix baking soda and water into a paste. Spread over inside surfaces. Let sit before wiping clean. Steam lemons to deodorize.

  • Coffee maker – Run vinegar through machine to remove mineral buildup. Scrub carafe with bottle brush. Disinfect exterior.

  • Dishwasher – Clean filter monthly. Run empty cycle with vinegar to remove grease. Use lemon rinds to freshen.

  • Toaster oven – Unplug and let cool. Take out crumb tray – dump and wipe clean. Clean inside with soap and water.

  • Blender – Fill with soapy water and run for 30 seconds to clean inside. Disinfect base and wipe down exterior.

Keep appliances looking like new and germ free by cleaning each one regularly according to its needs. Refer to manuals for best cleaning practices.

Clean Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Don’t overlook cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures to get your kitchen truly spotless. Here’s how:

  • Turn off power. Turn off switch and unplug fixtures for safety.

  • Wipe down ceiling fan blades. Use microfiber cloth dampened with all-purpose cleaner.

  • Clean glass shades. Spray glass cleaner onto soft cloth. Wipe down exterior of shades.

  • Remove covers and bulbs. Take down covers and light bulbs. Soak covers in warm soapy water.

  • Scrub fixtures. Use toothbrush and mild soap to scrub light fixture braces if needed.

  • Disinfect bulbs. Wipe down with rubbing alcohol for germ removal. Rinse and dry.

  • Polish metal. Use lemon oil and soft cloth to make metal fixtures shine.

  • Reassemble. Replace bulbs, covers and reconnect power once fully dry.

Getting up high to clean ceiling fans and lights prevents dust and grime build up that can discolor your kitchen over time.

Keeping a kitchen spotless from floor to ceiling takes effort but is achievable with regular deep cleaning of all surfaces. Break chores down into daily and weekly tasks. With diligence and the right cleaning solutions, you can have a photo-ready kitchen all the time!

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