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Get the Whole Family on Board with Green Cleaning

March 5, 2024

Get the Whole Family on Board with Green Cleaning

Why Go Green?

Going green with your home’s cleaning routine has many benefits for both your family’s health and the health of the environment. Here are some of the main reasons to make the switch:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde that can aggravate asthma and allergies. Green cleaning products use plant-based and biodegradable ingredients that won’t pollute your indoor air. My family has noticed less dust and better breathing since switching.

Protection From Toxic Chemicals

Most conventional cleaners contain chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and organ damage. Green cleaners skip these harmful ingredients in favor of safer plant-based options. As a parent, I feel better knowing my family isn’t being exposed to dangerous toxins.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Harsh chemicals in typical cleaning products get washed down our drains and can pollute waterways. Many conventional cleaning ingredients are derived from petroleum, depleting limited resources. Green cleaners are biodegradable and use renewable plant-based ingredients like essential oils. My family’s efforts keep chemicals out of local water sources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Getting Started with Green Cleaning

Here are some tips to help your whole family embrace green cleaning:

1. Do an Ingredient Audit

Go through all your existing cleaning products and make a list of their active ingredients. Research any you’re unfamiliar with to identify irritants or toxic chemicals. Then replace products containing concerning ingredients with green alternatives. My family was surprised how many hidden toxins were lurking under our sink!

2. Introduce New Products Slowly

Don’t replace all your current cleaners at once. Start by picking one recurring cleaning task and buying a green product for that purpose. Over time, add more green cleaners as old products get used up. Giving your family time to adjust helps the new routine stick.

3. Make Your Own Cleaners

DIY green cleaners are inexpensive, effective, and contain only natural ingredients you recognize. They also reduce plastic waste from all those store-bought plastic bottles! I make DIY cleaners with my kids using ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. We have fun concocting custom scented cleaners together.

4. Assign Cleaning Tasks

Make sure all family members pitch in with green cleaning! Have a household meeting and delegate tasks to each person. Put up a cleaning chore checklist or schedule to track progress. Giving everyone a role prevents one person from getting overwhelmed. My kids love crossing completed tasks off their list!

5. Educate on Proper Usage

Using too much of even green products can waste money and leave behind excess residue. Show your family how to use just enough cleaner to get the job done. Also teach them to only use products as directed. Understanding correct usage helps green cleaners work effectively.

Top Green Cleaning Ingredients

These plant-based ingredients form the basis of many effective DIY and commercial green cleaners:

  • Baking soda – Absorbs odors, whitens, scours, deodorizes
  • Castile soap – Breaks up grease and grime
  • White vinegar – Disinfects, deodorizes, cuts grease, removes stains
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Disinfects and whitens
  • Essential oils – Disinfect, add natural fragrance
  • Lemons – Deodorize, cut grease, bleach stains

Experiment with different combinations to make custom all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, and more specialized recipes. I keep these ingredients stocked up so I can whip up fresh batches anytime.

Encouraging Green Cleaning Success

Here are some tips to help your whole household maintain green cleaning habits over the long run:

  • Make a schedule detailing who cleans what and how often
  • Set reminders to replenish DIY cleaning supplies
  • Store green cleaners conveniently next to the area where they’ll be used
  • Lead by example – your family will follow your cleaning actions
  • Compliment family members when you notice them using a green cleaner
  • Add cleaning tasks to kids’ chore charts to reinforce habits
  • Offer small rewards for households who meet green cleaning goals

With consistent encouragement, your family will get into the routine of green cleaning. Before you know it, these small steps will add up to a big positive impact!

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