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Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

March 5, 2024

Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home and give it a new look for the warmer months ahead. Here are some great tips to renew and revitalize your home this spring.

Give Your Home a Deep Clean

One of the best ways to freshen up my home for spring is to do a deep clean. This means cleaning places that are often neglected during regular cleaning.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

In the kitchen, I make sure to clean inside all the cabinets, drawers, and appliances. I empty everything out and wipe down the inside surfaces. For the refrigerator, I remove all the shelves and drawers and wash them with hot soapy water. I also wipe down the inside walls and clean the rubber door seals.

Deep Clean the Bathrooms

In the bathroom, I scrub the shower walls and door tracks to remove soap scum and mildew. I also wipe down the cabinets and drawers inside and out. For the toilet, I scrub the bowl well and use a brush to clean under the rim.

Dust Ceiling Fans and Baseboards

I use a microfiber duster on a long pole to dust the ceiling fans and the tops of shelves and door frames that are hard to reach. I also scrub the baseboards to get rid of dirt and scuffs.

Declutter and Organize

Spring is a great opportunity to declutter and organize my home. I go through every room and get rid of things I no longer need or want.

Declutter Closets

I sort through all my closets and drawers and remove clothes I haven’t worn in over a year. I also go through shoes, bags, and accessories and donate items I don’t use regularly.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, I go through all the cabinets, drawers, and pantry and get rid of expired food and extra dishes and cooking tools I don’t need. I categorize like items together and label bins and shelves.

Rearrange Furniture

Shaking up the furniture arrangement helps give each room a fresh look. I move couches, chairs, and tables around to create a new layout. I also rotate decor items to different rooms to mix things up.

Update With Spring Decor

Simple updates like new throw pillows, fresh flowers, and spring-themed decor give my home a seasonal refresh.

Add Fresh Flowers and Plants

I fill vases with colorful tulips, daffodils, and other blooms from the garden or store. I also place potted plants like azaleas and hydrangeas around my home. The fresh greenery instantly livens up any space.

Use Pastel and Bright Accents

I switch out decor items like throw pillows, blankets, and table runners in pastel hues like mint, lavender, and robin’s egg blue. I also use bright accent colors like sunshine yellow, coral, and turquoise. These springy colors make my home feel light and cheery.

Display Spring Wreaths and Garlands

I decorate my front door, fireplace mantel, stair banister, and other areas with fresh wreaths and garlands made with faux or real greenery and spring flowers. I add extra touches like colorful ribbons, wood decor signs, and ceramic eggs.

Refresh Outdoor Living Spaces

To prepare my outdoor areas for spring and summer entertaining, I tackle a few projects to freshen things up.

Power Wash Decks, Patios, and Walkways

Using a power washer to clean wood decks, concrete patios, and brick walkways makes them look brand new. It removes grime, mud, and mildew that accumulates over winter.

Plant Flowers and Herbs

I fill planter boxes, pots, and garden beds with petunias, marigolds, zinnias, and other colorful annuals. I also plant refreshing herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary to use for cooking.

Clean and Cover Outdoor Furniture

I clean outdoor furniture with soap and water, let it dry completely, and apply a fresh coat of waterproof sealant. I protect cushions in storage bags and use outdoor covers on tables, chairs, and loungers to keep them clean between uses.

Improve Air Quality

Freshening the air makes my whole home feel cleaner and healthier. Here are some easy ways I improve indoor air quality.

Open Windows Regularly

I open the windows often on nice days to let in fresh air and breezes. This helps circulate stale indoor air out of my home.

Use Air Purifying Plants

Plants like peace lilies, aloe vera, and snake plants naturally filter and purify indoor air. I keep several of these low-maintenance houseplants in rooms throughout my home.

Replace AC Filters

I change the air conditioner filters on schedule or as soon as they look dirty. Clean filters allow proper airflow and catch allergens and pollutants.

Clean Out Air Vents

Using a vacuum with a brush attachment, I clean all the air vents throughout my home to remove dust buildup that can circulate through the air flow.


With some dedicated cleaning, decluttering, decorative updates, and simple improvements, I can freshen up my entire home for spring. The change of seasons is the perfect time to renew, refresh, and revive my home for the months ahead. This spring, I plan to do a deep clean and decluttering session in every room, add bright and fresh decor touches, give my outdoor living spaces a good scrub down, and improve indoor air quality. With these revitalizing spring home projects, I’ll be ready to enjoy the new season in a cleaner, more organized home.

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