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Diaper and Feces Cleanup Tips for Parents and Daycare Providers

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Diaper and Feces Cleanup Tips for Parents and Daycare Providers

As a parent or daycare provider, cleaning up dirty diapers and feces accidents is an inevitable part of the job. While it can be unpleasant, having the right supplies and techniques can make the process faster and more sanitary. Here are some helpful cleanup tips and advice for dealing with diapers and feces messes.

Preparing Your Diaper Changing Station

Having the right diaper changing setup can streamline the cleanup process. Here are some tips for preparing your diapering area:

  • Use a dedicated diaper changing station or mat. This contains messes and can be easily cleaned. Disinfect the surface after each diaper change.

  • Stock diapering supplies nearby – keep spare diapers, wipes, plastic bags, cleaning products, and gloves within arm’s reach. Having everything close by makes cleanup faster.

  • Place a diaper pail nearby to immediately dispose of soiled diapers. Use a hands-free diaper pail with a tight sealing lid to contain odors.

  • For daycares, assign each child their own diapering supplies to prevent cross-contamination.

Cleaning Up Feces Accidents

When dealing with a blowout diaper or feces accident, here is the best way to clean and disinfect the area:

  • Remove bulk of feces first. Use baby wipes, paper towels, or spatula to scrape off as much as possible into the toilet. This removes the bulk of germs.

  • Clean skin. Use fresh baby wipes to thoroughly wipe skin clean of any remaining feces. Use warm water and washcloth if needed. Gently clean in skin folds and crevices.

  • Disinfect surface. If accident occurred on floors, furniture, car seat, etc, clean surface with disinfectant cleaner or bleach solution. Check product labels and allow proper contact time.

  • Wash hands. Thoroughly wash your own hands with soap and warm water afterwards.

  • Launder contaminated clothes. Machine wash any soiled clothes, bibs, burp cloths on hot cycle separately. Add bleach for disinfection.

Diapering a Poopy Diaper

When changing a poopy diaper, use these steps to keep baby and surroundings as clean as possible:

  • Prepare a safe diaper changing area before starting, and have supplies ready.

  • Place a disposable pad or paper towel under baby’s bottom to catch leaks.

  • Unfasten dirty diaper but leave it under baby. This contains mess until you are ready to clean.

  • Lift baby’s legs and use wipes to clean skin fold by fold, front to back. Use a fresh wipe each pass to avoid spreading germs.

  • Remove soiled wipes and diaper as one unit and discard in hands-free diaper pail immediately.

  • Use a fresh wipe with each pass to thoroughly clean all of baby’s skin. Pat area dry with towel.

  • Slide a fresh diaper under baby and fasten.

  • Wash your hands and disinfect changing pad. Use hand sanitizer if sink is not accessible.

Disinfecting After a Diarrhea or Poo Explosion

Diarrhea or an explosive poo can quickly spread outside the diaper. Here is how to thoroughly disinfect the mess:

  • Wear gloves while cleaning up.

  • Remove as much poo as possible using disposable wipes, paper towels, or spatula. Scrape off into toilet.

  • Mix 1/4 cup bleach per gallon of water. Use this disinfectant solution to thoroughly wipe down any contaminated surfaces.

  • Wash plush toys in hot water and bleach solution if possible. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

  • Launder contaminated clothes, sheets, and cleaning rags separately on a hot cycle. Add bleach.

  • Mop floors with disinfecting floor cleaner and allow to air dry.

  • Take out diaper pail and disinfect outside surfaces. Replace pail liner.

  • Always wash hands thoroughly after cleaning diarrhea accidents.

Handling Public Diaper Blowouts

Dealing with a diaper blowout when out in public can be stressful. Here are some tips for handling public diaper messes:

  • Pack extra diapering supplies when leaving home – bring spare diapers, wipes, plastic bags, and a change of clothes.

  • Head directly to the bathroom. Use changing tables or regular bathroom stalls.

  • Contain the mess by gently wrapping soiled clothing around baby. Carry carefully.

  • Clean baby’s skin as much as possible using sink and paper towels if needed.

  • Bag soiled clothing in plastic to take home. Rinse any mess left in sink.

  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your own hands before redressing baby.

  • Apologize to staff for any mess left behind and notify them. Offer to help clean if needed.

Diapering Older Children and Those with Special Needs

Diapering an older child or individual with special needs often requires an extra level of care and patience. Here are some tips:

  • Involve and coach the child in cleanup process as much as possible to build self-care skills. Praise them for cooperating.

  • Expect messes and accidents. Speak gently and avoid reacting negatively.

  • Use larger sized pull-up style diapers if possible. Check and change diapers frequently.

  • If the child is mobile, use a changing mat on the floor for safety. Keep supplies organized and close by.

  • To avoid injury, clean genitals carefully using gentle wipes. Lift and shift body gently.

  • Monitor skin closely and use diaper creams to prevent rashes. Keep skin folds dry.

Cleaning diaper messes is simply part of the job as a parent or daycare provider. Having the proper supplies and effective strategies will help make the process faster and more sanitary. With some preparation and the right technique, diapering and cleaning accidents can be taken in stride. The most important thing is keeping both baby and caretaker clean and healthy.

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