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Decluttering Kids Bedrooms for a More Organized Spring

March 3, 2024
Decluttering Kids Bedrooms for a More Organized Spring

Why Declutter Kids Bedrooms?

As a parent, I know how quickly kids bedrooms can become cluttered with toys, books, clothes, and more. When spring arrives, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and get organized again.

Here’s why decluttering kids bedrooms is so important:

  • Promotes better sleep: Cluttered bedrooms can overstimulate kids and make it harder to wind down at bedtime. Decluttering creates a calmer environment for better sleep.

  • Teaches organization: By decluttering together, I’m teaching my kids organizational skills and how to keep spaces tidy. This will benefit them long-term.

  • Makes cleaning easier: With fewer things out, cleaning becomes quicker and easier. I can clean in less time and keep the room hygienic.

  • Creates more space: Getting rid of excess stuff makes more room for playing, building, and doing activities. Kids feel happier in an open environment.

  • Avoids overwhelm: Too many toys and belongings can be visually overwhelming. Decluttering reduces stress and anxiety for kids.

How to Declutter Kids Bedrooms

Sort Through Toys

  • Have kids gather all toys into one spot. Go through each one asking: Do you still play with this? Does it have all its pieces? Is it broken? Donate or trash what they’ve outgrown or broken.

  • Categorize remaining toys: arts & crafts, building toys, electronic toys, etc. Use labeled bins or shelves to organize.

  • Institute a one-in-one-out policy going forward. When a new toy comes in, an old one must go out. This maintains the decluttered state.

Go Through Clothes

  • Try on all clothes and shoes. Donate items that no longer fit or are never worn.

  • Organize clothes by type: shirts, pants, pajamas, socks, etc. Use shelves, drawers, or hanging organizers.

  • Label bins so kids can easily put clothes away in the right home.

  • For small items like socks, utilize drawer organizers. Pair socks together and roll them.

Declutter Bookshelves

  • Remove books they no longer read. Donate these to libraries or thrift stores.

  • Dust shelves, then categorize books by type: picture books, chapter books, textbooks, etc. Stand books upright to save space.

  • Put baskets or bins on shelves to hold smaller items like art supplies. This keeps items organized.

  • Add labels to bins and shelves so kids know where things belong.

Create a Donation Pile

  • Have kids look through all belongings. Gather any unused or unneeded items into a donation pile, whether clothes, toys, games, etc.

  • Let kids choose a local charity to donate their items to. Take them along when dropping it off to teach giving back.

  • Schedule regular donation drop-offs every season to maintain decluttering. I aim for every spring and fall.

Make It Fun!

  • Involve kids in decluttering – make it a fun project to do together. Offer incentives like a trip to the park after.

  • Time decluttering sessions – set a timer for 15 minute bursts so it doesn’t get boring. Take breaks to reenergize.

  • Play fun music and provide healthy snacks to keep kids energized and engaged.

  • Add special storage furniture like cubbies, toy boxes, or under-bed organizers to make organizing more exciting.

Maintaining a Decluttered Space

Daily Clean Up

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes before bedtime for kids to tidy up. Quickly return toys, books, etc. to their organized homes.

  • Use labeled bins, shelves, and furniture to indicate where everything belongs. Make clean up faster and easier.

Weekly Straightening

  • Spend 30 minutes each weekend fully straightening the bedroom. Sweep, dust, organize shelves, mop as needed.

  • Go through the donation bin and remove anything placed in it throughout the week. Drop off items immediately at charity.

Seasonal Decluttering

  • Do a full re-organization and declutter of the bedroom each season. Reassess what needs to stay and go.

  • Donate or trash items they’ve outgrown since the last declutter. Replace bins, shelves, or organizers as needed.

Make Decluttering a Healthy Family Habit

The key to maintaining a decluttered home is instituting regular tidying and purging as a family habit. When kids grow up learning organization and minimalism, they reap lifelong benefits. A decluttered bedroom also teaches responsibility, donation, productivity, and cleanliness – skills that aid their development. With my tips above, use spring as motivation to declutter bedrooms and establish positive habits together.

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