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Declutter Kids Rooms Once and For All

March 4, 2024

Declutter Kids Rooms Once and For All

Make it a Family Project

My first suggestion is to involve the whole family in the decluttering process. My kids and I went through their rooms and made four piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Throw away
  • Unsure

We talked through why certain items could be donated or thrown away. I found that getting their buy-in made them more willing to part with things. Having more space and less clutter also got them excited about reorganizing their rooms.

We agreed we would donate toys and clothes in good condition that they had outgrown. For sentimental items, we took photos before donating them. Going through the process together made decluttering feel manageable rather than overwhelming.

Set Limits on Toys and Possessions

I instituted a one in, one out policy after we decluttered. Any new toys or items they received meant they had to choose something to donate.

I also limited their toys to what could fit neatly on shelves or in bins. If things started spilling out onto the floor, that was a sign they had too much stuff and we needed to purge again.

Rotating toys helped prevent boredom. Every few months we would box up half their toys and activities and put them in the closet. Then we would rotate the boxes so old toys felt new again.

Make Storage Easy

I bought inexpensive shelving and storage bins so everything had a designated spot. Similar items like Legos or art supplies went into labeled bins.

Low shelves let my kids easily access and put away their own toys and books. Having visible storage made cleanup faster since they knew exactly where things belonged.

An activities locker by the door held sports gear and costumes so we weren’t constantly tripping over them. Hooks on the wall corralled backpacks, coats, and bike helmets.

Baskets for small items like stuffed animals, cars, shopkins, and fidget toys kept things tidy. Clear bins let them see contents easily.

Purge Frequently

We declutter again before birthdays and holidays so new gifts fit. I also have my kids purge before starting a new school year so they have a fresh start.

They often tire of certain toys or outgrow them, so I watch for signs they’ve lost interest. Things gathering dust get donated.

Make Maintenance Easy

We do a quick tidy each night to put toys, clothes and books back where they belong.

A checklist on the wall helps reinforce good habits. Things like making the bed, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, and clearing dishes get checked off each morning.

Quick pickups only take a few minutes but prevent messes from getting out of control. We even make it a race sometimes to make it fun.

Consistency is key – when decluttering becomes a regular habit, it takes less effort to maintain. With my kids’ help, we stay on top of the clutter.


By decluttering together, limiting possessions, organizing storage, frequently purging, and doing regular maintenance, we’ve kept my kids’ rooms tidy. Less stuff and mess makes them happier and family life calmer! Staying organized just takes some commitment and consistency.

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