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Create A Kid-Friendly Home With Our Top Tips

March 3, 2024
Create A Kid-Friendly Home With Our Top Tips

Make Safety A Top Priority

As a parent, keeping my children safe at home is my number one concern. Here are some of my top tips for kid-proofing my house:

  • Install safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs. Make sure they are hardware mounted for maximum security.

  • Use cord shorteners and anchors to keep loose cords from blinds, lamps, etc out of reach.

  • Secure TVs and furniture to the wall to prevent them from tipping over.

  • Use corner and edge bumpers to create soft barriers on sharp corners and edges.

  • Store cleaning supplies and medications in locked cabinets up and away from children.

  • Keep small objects like buttons, coins, and batteries out of reach to prevent choking hazards.

  • Install smoke detectors on every level of the home and test them monthly.

  • Create an emergency exit plan and practice it regularly.

Childproof With Style

Safety doesn’t have to be boring! Here are some tips for keeping my home kid-friendly while maintaining my decor style:

  • Look for safety gates that coordinate with my interior design, like wooden ones or metal ones that match my hardware.

  • Use corner guards or edge bumpers that blend in instead of bright plastic ones. Clear silicone or felt guards work well.

  • Anchor furniture and TVs creatively, like using furniture straps instead of bulky brackets.

  • Store items neatly in baskets or bins on high shelves rather than fully restricting access.

  • Apply cord covers that match my wall color to conceal cords against the wall.

  • Use wall anchors and removable strips to hang TVs and decor up high when not in use.

  • Store cleaning supplies in hidden but secure places like a bathroom vanity or utility closet.

Create Dedicated Kid Zones

Giving my children their own dedicated spaces at home helps keep the rest of my home neat and stylish. Here are some of my top tips:

  • Set up a playroom just for kids so toys are contained. Use shelving, bins, and organizers to neatly store toys.

  • Designate kid-friendly spaces in living rooms or family rooms. Use washable rugs and durable, stain-resistant furniture.

  • Add a chalkboard wall, removeable wallpaper, or magnetic paint to a wall in a play area to create an engaging space for creativity and learning.

  • Make a kids reading nook with a comfortable beanbag chair, pillows, bookshelf, and storage for books and toys.

  • Set up an arts and crafts station with washable mats and a storage center for supplies.

  • Create a homework station with a desk, chair, organizational supplies like trays and planners, and a bulletin board for reminders.

Make Cleaning Quick And Easy

As a parent, I’m cleaning up messes constantly. Here are some of my best tips for maintaining a tidy home with kids:

  • Choose stain resistant slipcovers or rugs that can be easily washed.

  • Select smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces like vinyl or leather for high-traffic areas.

  • Limit clutter with designated storage bins, shelves, and closets for kids’ items.

  • Have a quick daily tidying routine like a family 5-minute clean up time before bed.

  • Make cleaning fun with checklists or contests to put toys away.

  • Include chores in children’s routines using charts. Aim for quick, simple tasks like dusting or folding laundry.

  • Organize cleaning supplies in a central caddy for easy access to transport from room to room.

  • Invest in a lightweight cordless vacuum to quickly clean messes as they happen.

  • Use washable nap mats under baby eating areas that can easily be cleaned.

Keeping my home both kid-friendly and stylish is achievable with smart safety, organization, and routine! Making it easy to maintain tidiness ensures my whole family enjoys our home.

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