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Conquer Dust Mites With Our Prevention Tips

March 3, 2024
Conquer Dust Mites With Our Prevention Tips

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin cells shed by humans and animals. They are present year-round in most homes and can trigger allergic reactions and asthma in sensitive individuals. Here are some tips to help reduce dust mite populations and minimize exposure.

Keep Humidity Low

Dust mites thrive in humid environments over 50% relative humidity. Lowering indoor humidity below this level helps curtail mite growth. Some strategies include:

  • Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner during humid months.
  • Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens well after showering or cooking.
  • Fix any water leaks and eliminate standing water.
  • Insulate cold surfaces like pipes to reduce condensation.

Maintaining humidity under 50% makes conditions less hospitable for mites.

Wash Bedding Frequently

Mattresses, pillows, blankets and sheets harbor dust mites which feed on shed skin cells.

  • Wash bedding weekly in hot water (at least 130°F) to kill mites and remove allergens.
  • Use mattress and pillow covers designed to block dust mites.
  • Replace older pillows and mattresses which can house mite colonies.

Frequent hot water washing and mite-proof covers help reduce exposure during sleep.

Use Hard Floors

Carpets provide ideal habitats for dust mites to multiply.

  • Replace carpet with hard flooring whenever possible.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs frequently using a HEPA filter vacuum.
  • Consider removing carpets from bedrooms if dust mites are an issue.

Hard, easy-to-clean floors harbor fewer mites than carpets.

Remove Clutter

Clutter provides additional places for dust mites to thrive.

  • Reduce plush toys, upholstered furniture and clutter in bedrooms.
  • Store seldom-used items like books and soft toys in closed bins.
  • Dust and vacuum decor items regularly.

Minimizing soft furnishings and knick-knacks reduces mite habitat.

Use Acaricides

Acaricides are chemicals that kill dust mites. Some options include:

  • Apply acaricide sprays to mattresses, carpets and upholstery. Re-apply every 3-6 months.
  • Wash bedding and dust with acaricidal laundry additives.
  • Use acaricides to treat areas unable to be washed regularly.

Targeted acaricide applications can reduce mite populations in problem areas.

Improve Air Filtration

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters help trap dust mite allergens circulating in the air.

  • Use stand-alone HEPA air purifiers in bedrooms and main living areas.
  • Install HEPA furnace and HVAC filters.
  • Portable HEPA filters provide clean air in problematic rooms.

HEPA filtration improves indoor air quality by removing allergens.

Seek Medical Guidance

For people severely affected by dust mite allergies, prescription medications and immunotherapy can help.

  • Allergy testing can identify specific dust mite reactivity.
  • Medications like antihistamines and nasal corticosteroids treat symptoms.
  • Allergy shots build immunity to dust mite allergens over time.

Consulting an allergist provides professional guidance for managing dust mite allergies.


Dust mites are extremely common in indoor environments. Implementing a multifaceted approach focused on reducing humidity, cleaning frequently, minimizing clutter and using acaricides and air filtration helps curtail dust mite populations. For severe dust mite allergy sufferers, medications and immunotherapy may also be warranted in addition to environmental controls. Being proactive helps minimize exposure to dust mite allergens and associated health effects.

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