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Cobweb and Spider Nest Removal Tips

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Cobweb and Spider Nest Removal Tips

Dealing with cobwebs and spider nests in your home can be frustrating, but there are some effective tips to help get rid of them. Here are my top recommendations for cobweb and spider nest removal:

Identify the Problem Areas

The first step is to inspect your home and identify where the cobwebs and spider nests tend to accumulate. The most common problem spots include:

  • Corners of rooms and ceilings
  • Windows, door frames, and skylights
  • Attics and basements
  • Porches, garages, sheds, and other outdoor nooks

I like to do a thorough walkthrough of both the interior and exterior of my house to locate all the areas that need attention. Making a list of the problem spots helps me organize and systematic with the removal process.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of cobwebs is by using a vacuum cleaner. I prefer to use a crevice tool attachment because it can reach into small cracks and crevices. Vacuuming removes the webs and sucks up any spiders or egg sacs hiding in the corners.

For high or hard-to-reach places like ceilings, I use an extender wand to attach to my vacuum hose. This allows me to reach the cobwebs without climbing up a ladder. Thoroughly vacuum every room, making sure to get into corners, ceiling edges, window frames, and light fixtures.

Use Dusters or Brooms

For cobwebs in outdoor areas like garages, porches, or eaves, I use a duster or broom to sweep them away. A soft-bristle broom works well for gently clearing webs from delicate areas. I prefer extendable dusters so I can reach the high exterior corners.

Make sure to check outdoor furniture, decor items, and recreational equipment like bicycles or grills which are favorite spider nesting spots. Carefully sweep away all the webs.

Apply Pest Control Sprays

If vacuuming and dusting don’t fully get rid of the webs and spiders, pesticide sprays can help. Look for products specifically made for spiders and cobwebs that are safe for indoor and outdoor use.

I spray corners, window and door frames, baseboards, and other problem areas. This both kills spiders on contact and leaves behind a residual to deter future spider nesting. Just be sure to read the product instructions carefully and ventilate the area afterwards.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

To help discourage spiders from returning, I recommend sealing cracks and holes where spiders may enter and nest. I apply caulk around windows, doors, pipes, vents, and wiring holes.

For the exterior, I spray pesticide in foundation cracks, weep holes, and gaps where utilities enter the house. Sealing off these access points helps block spiders from sneaking back into your house.

Keep Areas Clean and Dry

Good housekeeping is also important for spider deterrence. I make sure to regularly vacuum, dust, and declutter problem areas inside. Outside, I keep vegetation, debris, and clutter away from the foundation.

Spiders are attracted to dark, damp, dusty places. So by keeping everything clean and dry, it removes the environments spiders love.

Use Natural Repellents

If you want to avoid chemical pesticides, some natural repellents can help make your home less appealing to spiders:

  • Peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, citrus, and lavender essential oils
  • Dried eucalyptus leaves
  • Vinegar or lemon juice sprayed along baseboards
  • Diatomaceous earth sprinkled in entry points

Re-apply these natural ingredients regularly to maintain the spider-repelling effects. Just know they may not be as strong as pesticide sprays.

Call a Professional Exterminator

For severe spider nest infestations, the most effective solution may be calling a professional exterminator. They have commercial-grade pesticides and tools to eliminate large nests and spray your entire house.

I get recurring spider nests in my attic that I can’t fully reach to clean out. Hiring an exterminator every spring gives me peace of mind knowing my attic is clear for the whole summer.

Just be sure to only hire licensed and insured professionals. Getting multiple estimates also helps find competitive pricing.

Maintain Vigilance

No matter what removal methods you use, the key is staying diligent with regular checks around your home. Set reminders to inspect for new webs and spray pesticides. Focus on the problem areas where spiders tend to return.

Catching and eliminating cobwebs quickly prevents spider nests from forming again. With persistence and consistency, you can successfully keep your home free of these annoying pests.

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