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Clearing Spider Webs and Egg Sacs

March 4, 2024

Clearing Spider Webs and Egg Sacs

Why Clear Spider Webs and Egg Sacs?

Spiders and their webs are a common nuisance around homes. While spiders play an important role in controlling insect populations, their webbing can quickly take over outdoor areas. Clearing spider webs and egg sacs helps keep your home’s exterior tidier and more visually appealing. It also reduces spider access into your living spaces.

I routinely clear spider webs and egg sacs around my home for a few key reasons:

  • Aesthetics – Spider webs are unsightly and can give your home’s exterior a messy, unkempt look. By removing webs and egg sacs, I keep my home looking tidy. This is especially important for areas like porches, patios, and entryways.

  • Pest control – Eliminating webs and egg masses helps control spider populations around the home. If web-building and reproduction are discouraged, fewer spiders will return. This limits spiders gaining access inside.

  • Safety – Webs can make outdoor areas hazardous. Walking into large webs is unpleasant and removing webs helps keep walkways clear. Webs accumulating on lights or security cameras also need to be removed.

  • Prevent infestations – Destroying egg sacs helps prevent spiderlings from hatching and spreading. It’s much easier to control two spiders versus hundreds of babies. Stopping infestations before they start is key.

So in summary, clearing webs improves aesthetics, controls pests, enhances safety, and prevents infestations around the home. It’s a simple but effective maintenance task.

When to Remove Spider Webs and Egg Sacs

I make it a habit to clear spider webs and egg cases regularly. Here is when I focus my efforts:

  • Weekly – I check areas like eaves, light fixtures, and corners weekly and remove any new webbing. Catching webs early prevents exponential spreading.

  • Before events – When hosting gatherings, I clear webs a few days prior. This keeps the home’s exterior tidy for guests. I also check walkways to remove tripping hazards.

  • Fall – In early fall, I do a thorough clearing before spider season peaks. Knocking down existing webs discourages spiders from rebuilding and lays the groundwork for a cleaner landscape through fall.

  • Winter – I clear webs before winter weather arrives. Webs accumulate more debris when covered in frost or snow, making spring removal much harder. A blank slate makes spring maintenance easier.

  • Spring – When winter webs start emerging in spring, I clear them promptly. Eliminating the previous season’s remnants encourages spiders to look elsewhere to build.

Keeping up with regular web removal is easier than tackling a heavy infestation down the line. I aim to never let webs accumulate more than a week or two. Staying on top of the chore prevents spider habitats from becoming entrenched around the home.

Web Removal Tools and Methods

To easily clear spiderwebs, I use the following tools and methods:

  • Broom – For clearing webs in high corners or along walls, an extended broom is ideal. I can reach many areas by standing on the ground and sweeping. For safety, I sweep gently to avoid breaking the broom or falling off ladders.

  • Duster – A telescoping duster easily cleans webs from lighting fixtures, rafters, awnings and other high or hard-to-reach spots. I attachment appropriate dusting heads to safely capture webs and spiders.

  • Vacuum – For removal close to walls or in tight spots, I’ll vacuum up webs with a crevice tool attachment. This avoids spreading debris that happens when sweeping.

  • Power washer – When webs have accumulated for a while, I break out the power washer. The strong water pressure easily clears all traces of extensive webbing.

  • Garden sprayer – Filling a pump sprayer with water lets me break up webs from a distance. The water disrupts webs so I can then clear remains with a broom.

No matter the tool, I wear gloves and protective eyewear when working overhead. Clearing webs carefully prevents accidently walking into hidden webs or having spiders fall on me.

Safe Egg Sac Removal and Destruction

When discovering egg sacs around the home, I take care to remove and destroy them safely:

  • I wear thick gloves to avoid direct contact with egg sacs when handling them. Spiderlings could emerge and bite if the sac breaks open.

  • Using a stiff bristle broom or scraper, I gently knock down the egg sac, catching it into a dust pan or plastic bag.

  • I seal the egg sac into a plastic bag and place the bag in the freezer overnight to humanely kill spiderlings before disposing of the bag.

  • For egg sacs in hard to reach areas, I use a telescoping duster to gently brush them into a plastic bag held below. Freezing kills the eggs so bag can be thrown away.

  • I never crush egg sacs with my hands or tools. This could cause spiderlings to burst out and scatter. Sealing them in a bag first provides added safety.

With careful execution, clearing spider webs and destroying egg cases can provide effective and ongoing spider control around the home. By establishing a regular maintenance routine and using the right tools, keeping your home’s exterior free of messy webs and creepy egg clusters is straightforward and safe. With some diligent effort, your home can maintain a tidy curb appeal spider-free.

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