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Clear Away Cobwebs: Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

March 5, 2024

Clear Away Cobwebs: Cleaning Walls and Ceilings


Cobwebs are a common nuisance that can accumulate quickly, especially in corners, ceilings, and other hard to reach areas. While not necessarily dangerous, cobwebs are unsightly and can give your home a dirty, neglected appearance. Regularly cleaning walls and ceilings is essential for removing cobwebs and keeping your home looking clean and inviting. In this article, I will provide tips for effectively clearing away cobwebs throughout your home.

Supplies Needed

Cleaning cobwebs requires just a few simple supplies:

  • Duster or vacuum with brush attachment – Use an extendable duster or vacuum with a brush attachment to reach corners and ceilings.

  • Broom – For cobwebs in high corners, use a broom to knock them down before vacuuming.

  • Ladder – A sturdy ladder helps access ceilings and high walls. Use caution when climbing.

  • All purpose cleaner or soap and water – For wiping walls and ceilings after cobwebs are removed.

  • Microfiber cloths – Soft cloths that won’t leave lint behind.

How to Remove Cobwebs

Follow these steps to thoroughly remove cobwebs throughout your home:

1. Start High and Work Down

Begin by inspecting ceilings and upper corners in each room. Use a broom to gently knock down any webs. Next, use a vacuum with brush attachment to remove the cobwebs and spider carcasses. Slowly work down walls, using the vacuum and duster to remove webs from corners and crevices.

For very high ceilings, climb a sturdy ladder to access the webs. Take care not to lean too far and lose your balance. Have someone steady the ladder for added safety.

2. Clean Walls and Ceilings

After clearing away all visible cobwebs, wipe down walls and ceilings with a mild all purpose cleaner diluted in water. Microfiber cloths work best. This will remove any remaining web residue and dirt.

Pay special attention to corners and ceiling edges where cobwebs tend to recur. For textured ceilings, use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum to loosen debris between texture bumps.

3. Check Windows and Screens

Cobwebs also gather in window frames, blinds, and screens. Use your duster or vacuum to thoroughly remove webs from these areas. Wipe down with all purpose cleaner.

You may need to take screens outside to clean both sides. Use a garden hose to spray away stubborn webs on outdoor screens.

4. Look for Web “Funnels”

Inspect corners and windows carefully for funnel-shaped cobwebs. These indicate the web of a spider that may still be lurking nearby. Remove the webs and thoroughly vacuum the area to eliminate the spiders.

Seal cracks or entry points where spiders could get in. This will help prevent future web buildup.

5. Clean Fixtures

Cobwebs often gather on ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, smoke detectors, vents, and other fixtures. Use a ladder to reach these areas safely. Dampen a microfiber cloth to wipe dust and webs away.

For pendant lights or chandeliers, you may need to remove bulbs and use a thin duster inside the fixture.

6. Check Back Regularly

To prevent heavy web buildup, inspect your home weekly and remove any new cobwebs right away. Pay special attention to problem areas like corners, ceilings, windows, and fixtures where you found webs previously.

Frequent light dusting helps curb cobwebs between deep cleanings. Sticky lint rollers work great for quickly rolling up stray webs.

Preventing Cobwebs

Taking steps to deter spiders can minimize cobwebs from forming in the first place:

  • Install screens on windows and doors and repair any holes or gaps. This blocks spiders from entering.

  • Seal crevices along walls, ceilings, and baseboards with caulk. This gives spiders fewer places to hide and build webs.

  • Keep plants trimmed back from the house exterior. Spiders often hide in shrubbery and vines.

  • Use pest control measures such as diatomaceous earth or insecticidal spray inside and out to repel spiders.

  • Eliminate food sources like insects, flies, and moths that attract spiders.

  • Increase lighting in dark corners. Spiders avoid bright areas.

  • Use essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, and citrus that naturally deter spiders.

When to Call a Professional

For severe spider or cobweb infestations, or webs in hard to reach areas, calling a professional may be your best option. Companies can:

  • Safely access tall ceilings and second story windows.

  • Apply stronger chemical treatments outdoors to repel spiders.

  • Seal major entry points in basements, attics, crawlspaces, etc.

  • Provide ongoing pest control services to prevent recurring infestations.

Though it takes some diligence, regularly clearing cobwebs ensures your home stays clean and welcoming. Follow these tips to tackle walls, ceilings, corners, and fixtures throughout the house. Maintaining a cobweb-free interior is achievable with frequent dusting and vacuuming alongside preventative pest control measures.

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