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Cleaning Out the Medicine Cabinet and Under the Bathroom Sink

March 3, 2024
Cleaning Out the Medicine Cabinet and Under the Bathroom Sink

Why it’s important to clean out the medicine cabinet and under the sink

Keeping my medicine cabinet and under the bathroom sink clean and organized is important for a few key reasons:

  • Safety – Having expired or unnecessary medications and cleaners around can be unsafe, especially if I have young children or pets in my home. Properly disposing of anything I no longer need helps prevent accidental poisoning or misuse.

  • Effectiveness – Medications can lose their potency over time. Tossing out expired prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and vitamins helps ensure I’m getting the most benefit from the products I’m taking.

  • Clutter – It’s easy for these spaces to become overstuffed catch-alls over time. Regular cleanouts help me start fresh and make better use of the storage space.

  • Cost savings – Getting rid of unused and expired items means I don’t waste money replacing things I already have. A tidy medicine cabinet also makes it easier to do a quick inventory of what I need to restock.

How often to clean out the medicine cabinet and under the sink

  • Medicine cabinetI should thoroughly clean out my medicine cabinet at least once per season, or every 3 months. This allows me to regularly evaluate what I have and clear out any expired or unneeded products.

  • Under the sink – This area tends to collect more clutter and lasts longer than medicines, so I only need to fully clean under my bathroom sink about twice a year to maintain organization. But I should still check product expiration dates about every 3 months when I organize the medicine cabinet.

  • Extra tip: Take inventory of what I have before shopping for replenishments so I don’t overbuy. I can stock up on any essentials I’m low on after removing the expired/unwanted items.

Step-by-step process for cleaning out each area

Medicine cabinet cleanup

  1. Remove everything from the shelves so I can fully examine each product.

  2. Check expiration dates and toss any medicines, supplements, or toiletries that are expired to be safe.

  3. Properly dispose of unused medications – don’t flush them!

  4. Wipe down the empty shelves with a disinfectant cleaner.

  5. Sort through items and only keep what I use regularly. Toss or donate extras.

  6. Group similar items together (e.g. oral care, pain relievers).

  7. Return items to the shelves in a logical order for easy access.

  8. Restock anything I’m low on now that I have a clear idea of my inventory.

Under the sink deep clean

  1. Remove all items from under the sink and clean the empty cupboard.

  2. Check product expiration dates and discard anything that’s expired, especially cleaners.

  3. Safely dispose of unneeded chemicals like bleach, ammonia, drain opener, etc.

  4. Assign areas:

    • Cleaning supplies in one area
    • Extra towels and toiletries in another
    • Reusable grocery bags off to the side
  5. Install organizing units (e.g. adjustable shelves, bins) to separate categories.

  6. Only return the items I use regularly to the newly organized space.

  7. Replenish cleaning and self-care supplies I need based on my sorted inventory.

Tips for maintaining an organized medicine cabinet and under the sink

  • Set reminders on my phone to prompt me to declutter each area on a schedule

  • When I use/buy an item, immediately toss old version or expired backup from shelf

  • Store lesser-used items separately from main space and rotate them in as needed

  • Group together products that are used in sequence (e.g. cleaners and scrub brushes)

  • Avoid overbuying duplicates – only stock up after checking what I already have

  • Keep an inventory list of main items I like to always have on hand

  • If space is tight, regularly re-evaluate if I really need each item

  • Clean as I go – wipe spills promptly and move misplaced items back

  • Take the 2-minute rule – straighten with quick tidies whenever I notice clutter

Regularly cleaning out my medicine cabinet and under the bathroom sink takes a little work up front, but saves me time, money, and storage space in the long run. Sticking to a maintenance routine keeps these key areas organized.

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