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Clean Like a Pro: Washing Windows Without Streaks

March 5, 2024

Clean Like a Pro: Washing Windows Without Streaks


Washing windows can be a tedious chore. No one wants to spend time carefully cleaning each window only to end up with annoying streaks that ruin your hard work. As a professional cleaner, I’ve perfected techniques to wash windows without leaving behind streaks or smudges. In this article, I’ll share my proven methods so you can clean your windows like a pro every time.

Supplies You’ll Need

To wash windows without streaks, having the right supplies is key. Here are the essential items you’ll need:

  • Squeegee – A good quality squeegee with a sharp, smooth rubber edge is vital for removing water and drying windows without streaking. Choose one with a sturdy handle.

  • Window cleaning solution – Opt for a specialized window cleaner over an all-purpose cleaner. Window cleaning solutions contain ingredients like alcohol or vinegar that help prevent streaking.

  • Microfiber cloths – Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning windows. They lift and trap dirt easily without leaving behind lint. Use one for washing and one for drying.

  • Spray bottle – Use a clean spray bottle to apply the window cleaning solution to your cloths and the windows.

  • Ladder – To wash exterior windows safely, a sturdy ladder is a must. Set it on level ground and have someone steady it for you.

Washing Windows Step-By-Step

With your supplies gathered, follow these steps for spotless windows:

1. Prepare the Window Surface

  • Remove any screens, blinds or window treatments. This allows you to access the entire window surface.

  • Vacuum window tracks to eliminate built-up dirt and debris.

  • Check for stickers or tape residue and remove any you find with a plastic scraper.

2. Wash Windows

  • Fill your spray bottle with the window cleaning solution. I recommend distilled white vinegar diluted with water.

  • Lightly mist one section of the window with the solution. Don’t oversaturate or the cleaning solution can dry too quickly and streak.

  • Using your washing microfiber cloth, wipe the window section using light, overlapping circular motions. The circles lift the dirt away.

  • Work from top to bottom on interior windows so gravity brings the dirty solution downward.

  • For exterior windows, go from bottom to top to avoid drips running down and restreaking cleaned areas.

3. Dry Windows

  • Take your drying microfiber cloth and wipe off any remaining cleaning solution. Wipe in the same direction you washed.

  • On the final drying pass, apply slight pressure to squeegee the window and lift any remaining moisture.

  • Move methodically from one side of the window to the other without overlapping until the whole window is dry and streak-free.

  • Avoid wiping in a circular motion while drying, which can leave behind swirls.

  • Check the window closely. Rewash any areas with streaks and repeat the drying process.

4. Clean Window Frames and Tracks

  • For interior windows, run a dry microfiber cloth along wooden window frames to collect dust.

  • Use a small vacuum crevice tool to remove dirt and debris from window tracks.

  • On exterior windows, wipe down window sills and frames. A mild soap and water solution helps remove grime.

Avoid Common Window Washing Mistakes

Avoid these errors that can lead to frustrating window streaks:

  • Washing windows in direct sunlight. The sun causes cleaning solution to dry too fast.

  • Using too much pressure while wiping. Light, even pressure is best.

  • Rushing and not thoroughly drying before moving to the next section.

  • Using dirty cloths or squeegees which spread around dirt.

  • Attempting to wash windows when it’s below freezing outside. The solution can freeze and streak.

Key Takeaways

The right supplies, proper technique, patience, and an awareness of potential mistakes will help you wash streak-free windows every time. Remember to:

  • Use a vinegar-based cleaning solution and microfiber cloths.

  • Wash and dry windows systematically in sections using light, overlapping circles.

  • Work top to bottom inside and bottom to top outside.

  • Apply light pressure and avoid wiping in circles while drying.

  • Take your time and double check for streaks.

Follow this comprehensive process, and you’ll be able to clean your windows like a professional! Let me know if you have any other window washing tips in the comments.

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