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Bathroom Deep Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Posted January 21, 2023 by Mike Lewis under Tips

Bathroom Deep Cleaning From Top to Bottom


Keep reading for my ultimate guide to deep cleaning your bathroom from top to bottom. A sparkling clean bathroom not only looks great but helps prevent the buildup of grime, mold, and bacteria.

Thoroughly cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis is important for health and hygiene. This comprehensive cleaning guide will provide useful tips and advice for tackling every nook and cranny.

Supplies You’ll Need

Before diving into the cleaning tasks, gather all the necessary supplies and tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

-Cleaning caddy or bucket
-All-purpose bathroom cleaner
-Glass cleaner
-Disinfecting wipes and spray
-Toilet brush and plunger
-Scrub brush and sponge
-Old toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas
-Microfiber cloths
-Rubber gloves
-Dusting wand or duster
-Step stool

Cleaning from the Top Down

It’s best to clean the bathroom from top to bottom to avoid spreading dirt and germs from higher surfaces to already cleaned lower areas. Here are the steps:

Ceiling and Walls

-Use a duster wand to remove any cobwebs, dust, or grime from the ceiling.
-Wipe down walls with a microfiber cloth and all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Scrub any moldy or soap-scummy areas.
-Check for mildew in corners and on the ceiling. Spot treat mold and mildew with bathroom cleaner or a bleach solution.

Light Fixtures and Vents

-Remove any dust or grime from light fixtures with a microfiber cloth.
-Vacuum bathroom fan vents to remove dust buildup.
-Wipe down any heating vents with a cloth.

Mirrors and Medicine Cabinet

-Spray glass cleaner onto the mirror and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.
-Clean the frame, shelves, and knobs of the medicine cabinet.
-Remove all items and wipe down the shelves. Replenish first aid supplies if needed.

Sink and Countertops

-Clear off all items from the countertops.
-Use a disinfecting wipe to thoroughly clean counters and sinks.
-Scrub the sink basin with a bathroom cleaner and sponge or brush.
-Shine any metal fixtures like faucets.
-Replace hand soap and cleaning supplies.

Shower and Tub

-Spray down shower walls with bathroom cleaner and scrub off any built up grime or soap scum.
-Use a scrub brush on the tub and rinse clean.
-Spray shower doors with glass cleaner and wipe off.
-Remove built up soap scum and mildew from caulking.
-Check and clean the corners of the shower floor.


-Brush the toilet bowl thoroughly with a toilet brush.
-Clean the toilet tank, lid, seat, and base with disinfecting wipes or spray.
-Wipe down the flush handle and hinges.
-Check around the toilet base and scrub away any grime.


-Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any dust and debris.
-Mop the floors with your choice of cleaning solution – all purpose cleaner, bleach solution, etc.
-Get into corners and along edges for a thorough clean.
-Check for any mildew or soap buildup around the base of the toilet or tub. Scrub areas as needed.

Don’t Forget About

To really deep clean the bathroom, don’t forget about these often overlooked areas:

-Inside drawers and cabinets
-Behind and under the toilet
-Baseboards and trim
-Inside the medicine cabinet
-Caulking and grout
-Window sills and tracks
-Under sink pipes
-Doors and door handles
-Towel rods
-Shower caddy
-Exhaust fan grill


Regularly deep cleaning your bathroom from ceiling to floor will help maintain a sanitary, organized, and pleasant space. Always work top to bottom and don’t forget about nooks and crannies. Having the right supplies on hand also makes the process easier. With this thorough cleaning guide, you can achieve a sparkling clean bathroom.

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