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A Seasonal Guide to Cleaning Your Garage

March 3, 2024

A Seasonal Guide to Cleaning Your Garage


As the seasons change throughout the year, your garage can easily become cluttered and dirty. Giving your garage a good seasonal cleaning ensures it stays organized and protected from the elements. This guide will walk you through the steps for deep cleaning your garage during each season.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to do a deep clean of your garage to prepare it for the warmer months ahead. Here are some tips for spring cleaning your garage:

Clear Out Clutter

  • Go through all shelves, storage bins, cabinets, etc. and remove anything you no longer need or use. Donate, recycle or sell unused items.
  • Organize sporting goods, outdoor furniture and garden tools you’ll use during spring and summer. Store these items near the front for easy access.
  • Consolidate partially used containers of automotive fluids, cleaners, etc. Discard anything that’s expired.

Thorough Cleaning

  • Sweep the floors thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and debris. Use a leaf blower to blow out dust from corners.
  • Mop the floor with a disinfecting cleaner. Allow to dry completely.
  • Wash down walls, storage shelves, workbenches, cabinets, etc. to remove cobwebs, dust and grime.
  • Clean windows and screens with glass cleaner.
  • Vacuum out dust from rafters, vents and light fixtures.


  • Caulk around windows, corners and baseboards to seal any cracks or gaps. This prevents drafts and pests from getting in.
  • Lubricate and tighten garage door hinges, rollers and tracks.
  • Test garage door opener and replace the backup battery if needed.
  • Seal concrete cracks and check for signs of damage from winter weather. Make repairs as needed.
  • Inspect roof, walls and foundation for any damage. Schedule repairs to prevent issues.

Summer Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is important for keeping your garage protected during hot and humid summer weather:

Prevent Pests

  • Seal any cracks, holes or entry points for pests like insects and rodents. Use weatherstripping, caulk, steel wool, etc.
  • Place pest traps out to catch mice trying to get in from outdoors.
  • Remove standing water and store wood, debris far away from garage to avoid attracting pests.

Manage Moisture and Humidity

  • Use a dehumidifier to control humidity levels and prevent mold growth.
  • Check for water leaks along walls, windows and doors when it rains. Repair leaks right away before mold develops.
  • Make sure gutters are clear of debris so rainwater drains properly away from garage.

Maintain Cleanliness

  • Sweep out dirt, leaves and other debris regularly.
  • Remove trash frequently to avoid attracting pests.
  • Clean oil drips in driveway with degreaser to avoid staining.
  • Wash floor mats to prevent buildup of grime.

Fall Preparation

As winter weather approaches, your fall garage cleaning should focus on protecting your space from cold, snow and ice:

Remove Hazards

  • Dispose of flammable liquids like gasoline, oil, paint thinner, etc. to minimize fire risk.
  • Get rid of aerosol cans, propane tanks, and other hazardous waste properly.


  • Inspect seals around doors and windows. Reapply caulk or weatherstripping if needed.
  • Make sure roof is clear of leaves and debris so melting snow can drain properly.
  • Lubricate garage door hinges, rollers and tracks.

Organize Seasonal Items

  • Store summer items (sports gear, lawn tools, patio furniture cushions, etc.) away neatly so they’re not damaged by cold weather.
  • Pull out winter items like snow shovels, salt/ice melt, snow blowers, etc. and organize near front.
  • Place an ice scraper/snow brush in your vehicle along with emergency supplies like blankets, flashlight, snacks, etc.

Winter Garage Care

Protect your garage from heavy snow and frigid temperatures with these winter maintenance tips:

Remove Ice and Snow

  • Shovel or snow blow a path from garage to driveway for access.
  • Use a roof rake to remove heavy snow from the roof.
  • Apply ice melt around garage to melt ice for safe walking. Reapply after heavy snow or ice.

Prevent Freezing

  • Keep garage heated to at least 40°F to avoid freezing pipes and vehicle fluids.
  • Insulate garage doors and use draft stoppers to prevent cold air entering under the doors.
  • Allow sunlight to warm garage during the day when possible.

Clean and Dry

  • Dry out winter boots, gear and vehicles so no moisture pools. This prevents slick spots and rust.
  • Keep garage swept out so melting snow and ice don’t create puddles.
  • Remove salt, grime and mud dragged in from vehicles using all-purpose cleaner.


Performing seasonal garage cleaning ensures your space stays protected, organized and clean all year long. Dedicating time to deep clean your garage each season also allows you to assess if any maintenance or repairs are needed before extreme weather hits. With a routine cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to pull your vehicles into a clutter-free, safe space ready for the next season ahead.

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