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10 Things Youre Forgetting to Clean (And How to Fix That)

March 3, 2024
10 Things Youre Forgetting to Clean (And How to Fix That)


Keeping a clean home is important for health and happiness. However, it’s easy to overlook certain areas when doing your regular cleaning. Here are 10 things you might be forgetting to clean, as well as tips for adding them into your routine.


The kitchen sees a lot of action, so it’s important to pay close attention when cleaning this space. Here are a few kitchen areas you don’t want to ignore:

Inside of the refrigerator

It’s easy to focus only on the shelves when cleaning out your fridge. However, the inside walls and ceiling of the refrigerator can accumulate hidden grime and bacteria over time.

  • To fix this: Set aside time each month to remove everything from the fridge and fridge shelves. Scrub down the inside with hot water and baking soda. Don’t forget the rubber gasket around the door.

Under the sink

Out of sight, out of mind! But the area under your kitchen sink likely needs attention.

  • To tackle this: Clear everything out from under the sink and give it a thorough scrub with an all-purpose cleaner. Pay special attention to the drain and garbage disposal.

Inside of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets harbor grease and dust, especially if you do a lot of cooking.

  • The solution: Take everything out of your bottom cabinets and wipe down the inside surfaces. For upper cabinets, set aside a day to take out all food items, plates, etc. and wipe down the shelves.


Bathrooms require heavy-duty cleaning. In addition to giving the toilet, shower, and sink attention, don’t forget about these often-overlooked spots:

Inside of drawers and cabinets

Over time, moisture and humidity can cause grime to build up in bathroom drawers and cabinets.

  • To address this: Remove all contents and wipe down the inside of drawers and cabinets with a bathroom cleaner or bleach-based spray.

Exhaust fan cover

The exhaust fan cover can collect dust, hair, and other gross stuff.

  • Make it shine again by taking the cover down and soaking it in the tub or sink with hot water and degreasing dish soap. Scrub and rinse it clean.

Under the bathroom mats

Ever wonder what’s hiding under your bathroom mats? Chances are it needs some cleaning attention.

  • Tackle this by removing all bath mats and rugs and giving the floors a thorough sweep and mop. Clean the mats before putting them back.


It’s easy to focus cleaning efforts only on making the bed and vacuuming. But bedrooms need more detailed care. Don’t overlook these areas:

Under the bed

Over time, dust bunnies and assorted objects can collect under beds.

  • Make under-bed cleaning part of your routine. Move the bed and vacuum up anything on the floor. Wipe down the floor and the bottom bed frame to freshen things up.

Inside dresser drawers

Like other areas of your home, dresser drawers can use a periodic deep clean.

  • To clean them, remove all contents and vacuum out any dirt or debris. Wipe down the inside of drawers with a wood cleaner or Murphy’s oil soap.

Behind furniture

It’s amazing how much dust and pet hair can accumulate behind bedroom furniture!

  • Correct this by periodically pulling furniture away from the walls to vacuum behind and underneath. Wipe down the walls and flooring too.

Living Areas

The living room, family room, and other common areas also need regular upkeep. Don’t let these spots fall to the wayside:

Under sofa and chair cushions

Crumbs, pet hair, and other things you don’t want to think about likely end up under your sofa and chair cushions.

  • Fix this by periodically removing all cushions to vacuum beneath. If needed, spot clean stains on the sofa itself too.

Inside bookshelves and cabinets

Dust builds up anywhere there are horizontal surfaces, including bookshelves and cabinets.

  • Tackle these areas by removing all items and wiping down the shelves from top to bottom. Don’t forget the top either!

Baseboards and trim

It’s easy to vacuum and dust around baseboard trim without actually cleaning it.

  • Show trim some love by going over it carefully with a wet microfiber cloth or vacuum attachment to remove built-up dust and dirt.


Don’t let key appliances that keep your home running become grime central. Here’s how to stay on top of them:

Washing machine

To prevent mold and mildew, your washing machine needs frequent cleaning love.

  • Do this by running a hot cycle monthly with either bleach or vinegar to sanitize. Also remember to wipe the rubber gaskets.

Inside the dishwasher

It’s not enough just to empty your dishwasher – the inside needs cleaning too.

  • Address this by putting vinegar in the bottom rack and running a hot cycle monthly to remove grease and limescale. Check and clean the filter regularly too.

Vacuum brush and hoses

Vacuums do a dirty job. To keep your vacuum sucking at maximum power, maintain the brush, hoses and accessories.

  • Clean these areas by removing hair and debris. Consult your owner’s manual for specific directions based on your model.


Don’t confine your cleaning just to the interior. Outdoor areas need regular attention too, including:

Outdoor furniture

Don’t wait until next summer to clean off patio and deck furniture. Fall is a great time to tackle this.

  • Renew outdoor pieces by scrubbing off dirt, mildew and grime now. Store cushions cleaned and dry to prevent mold growth.

Under the porch

Leaves and other gunk tend to blow and collect under porches and decks.

  • Clear the clutter by grabbing a rake and broom and sweeping out the space underneath. A periodic hosing may be needed too.

Garbage cans

Smelly, dirty garbage cans are never fun. Avoid this by:

  • Power washing cans thoroughly at least twice a year. Use a hose, nozzle, and all-purpose cleaner to remove debris stuck to the bottom and sides.


Regular deep cleaning sessions where you tackle these often forgotten areas will keep your whole home fresh and prevent buildup of grime. Don’t let certain spots become an afterthought – a comprehensive cleaning routine is good for your home’s health and your own! What area are you inspired to tackle first?

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